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5 Emerging Trends in Information Technology for Business

Information technology has reached a point of integration with business where many business leaders agree that to not use technology would be detrimental to an organisation. The simple fact is that technology has accelerated both common business practices, and consumer behaviour – the result being that if a business isn’t using technology in the right way, they might not only be doing things less efficiently, but also missing out on acquiring customers.

This is why Information Technology has become so important to the wider business community. We discussed this with TechQuarters, a company who has been providing managed IT services London businesses have used extensively over the years, in order to optimise their practices. We asked TechQuarters about the current state of information technology for businesses, and they mentioned a number of current trends in the field that they consider worth examining.

Information Technology Trends

Given that the technology industry is a rapidly growing, rapidly changing field, it makes sense that there will be certain trends at any given time. When we asked TechQuarters about this, they stated that many of the current trends are related to data; but as well as this, certain types of technology – such as cloud computing, or automation – are driving tech trends in the business world.

Below, is a brief list of some of the biggest IT trends that have emerged or been sustained throughout recent years…

Intelligent Automation

Automation refers to the ability for technology to trigger and carry out a task or process – normally delineated as either task or process automation. Intelligent automation, however, employers things like AI and machine learning to make automation even more effective. For example, robotic process automation can replicate the processes performed by a manual user, rather than requiring specific actions and triggers be outlined by a developer. This means that the barrier for access to process automation is significantly lower, and more businesses will be able to utilize it, saving themselves more time and gaining efficiency.

Remote IT Support

The impact of technology in business was tested by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thankfully, it seemed that many businesses were able to pivot their operations – with the help of tech solutions like videoconferencing and cloud storage – and continue working whilst enabling employees to maintain social distancing. However, the biggest question for many was how employees could seek support for their technology while working from home. TechQuarters, who are based in London, but have been providing IT support in Birmingham and Manchester, and many other parts of England, know that the solution was already in place. Remote IT support meant that even remote businesses were able to provide technical support to all of their staff.

Cloud-Based Services

As mentioned earlier, cloud computing has been one of the biggest and most persistent trends in the field of information technology, and the wider business community. Using cloud-based services in different ways, businesses have been able to radically transform their operations – whether that is by increasing the agility of their organisation, increasing security and making compliance easier, or by making their workforce more diverse and flexible.

Flexibility and Agility

Tying in with the previous point, many of the latest IT trends that business leaders are prioritising are relating to making an organisation more flexible, and more agile. For example, cloud computing has been valued greatly for its ability to cut a business’ ties with any given location, and enable their employees to access the tools they need to work no matter where they are, or what time it is. Furthermore, solutions like unified communication can make both internal and external correspondence more efficient, which increases overall business efficiency.


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