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5 Facts You do not Know About Godrej Safety Lockers or Tijori

Godrej is one of the most prestigious companies in India, building high-quality safety lockers. The brand is reputable for offering long-lasting security solutions. While these safety lockers fulfil various security needs, there are multiple things to consider and features you may not know about. Knowing the features can compel you to choose and even avoid choosing a certain product. This is particularly true for the dimensions, locking mechanism, material, and type of safety lockers. 

To begin, take a look at these five facts you did not know about Godrej safe deposit lockers and how they improve security. These features will also ensure you get to understand why Godrej remains an outstanding company in providing security solutions.

Facts to Consider – Godrej Safety Lockers

Multiple Locker Size Variants:

Depending on your safe inventory needs, Godrej safe deposit lockers have multiple lockers in different sizes. Your trade volume and customer demographics can guide your decision to select a unit. Some units may include the Autovault Automated Safe Deposit Lockers, Intelli-Access, and Secunex Nex Gen Safe Deposit Lockers. These three locker categories are built with intelligent technology that adds a layer of security.

Layouts are Flexible:

Godrej safe deposit lockers have a sleek, minimalistic design, i.e., these lockers can be integrated into any space without negatively impacting the aesthetics. Furthermore, the lockers are typically white and black coloured, which means Godrej lockers are perfect for any space, irrespective of the architectural and design landscape of the property.

Automated Access

Godrej is introducing a revolutionary technology that makes safe deposit lockers convenient and safe. The Autovault safe deposit lockers, in particular, have improved access mechanisms compared to traditional lockers. Customers can access their valuables with a 24-hour access pass. 

In addition, the three security layers elevate protection making your premises a safe space for them. The most impressive aspect is that a robotic element delivers the locker to the customer’s booth instead of scanning through the lockers. This is a promising transformation for banks and other financial institutions.

Intelligent Locker Access

The Godrej lockers built with Intelli-access give an exceptional next-generation multi-level locker experience. These automated lockers improve efficiency and security in financial institutions of all sizes. Intelligence access options include smart cards, biometrics and keypads.

These features protect businesses against fraud, forgery and burglary. Furthermore, considering they do not have to be physically managed, your organization can reduce staffing costs. Lastly, they are customizable to customer requirements, hence reliable for banks. 

All Steel Components are Corrosion Treated

Godrej deposit lockers are built from fabricated plates of prime quality tested steel. These steel components must also be protected from corrosion to ensure longevity. Therefore, these lockers undergo state-of-the-art twelve-tank-anti-corrosion treatment.

By installing these lockers, institutions are assured of safety. In addition, the heavy steel construction makes the safety boxes and lockers burglar-proof. Therefore, managers and security personnel will not worry about corrosion or people breaking into the lockers.

Features to Look for in Godrej Safety Lockers


As mentioned above, Godrej safety lockers are available in multiple sizes depending on the valuables they can hold. Therefore, the size depends on your customer’s needs and the kind of valuables they hold.

Lock Security

When selecting a safety deposit locker for institutional security, it is vital to pick security systems that customers can easily use. The systems could be standard key-based, password-protected, and biometric locking. For instance, some have four or six-digit codes for unlocking, while others have special keys for maximum safety.

In case of a breach, these intelligent locks can automatically freeze after failed attempts. In addition, only authorized personnel can access these lockers manually in an emergency if the control system is down.

Strength and Design

Godrej Tijori is built with a multi-band design considering their welding technique. This mechanism provides enhanced strength and security. As a result, the thick walls are stronger, and no one can break into them. In addition, once they are installed, no one can move them. The designs also meet security and aesthetic standards.
Now you are up to speed on what makes Godrej safety lockers special. These Tijori lockers are adaptable for institutional usage, primarily in banks, financial institutions, and other organizations dealing in valuables. They are built with quality standards in a controlled environment to produce superior qualities. If you think it is time to get a Godrej Tijori, visit us now.


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