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5 Mistakes We Make While Setting Up Brostrend Wifi

Extender is a device which extends the signal of the WiFi routers. Meanwhile, with you can easily source up the strong signals. It penetrates through the two walls to maintain a strong signal. To get over the issue of no connectivity of the internet all across your home and office you must place one extender. In the article we will share a lot of new ways to set up the Brostrend extenders so read the article carefully to get a certain way to set up your Extender.

Now, read the article carefully.

Setup The Brostrend Extender by WPS Method

·   Press the WPS button for two seconds on your router.

·   In the meantime you will be able to reset the WPS button on the router.

·   The extender is most probably trying to make a connection with the router, if the WPS LED is blinking.

·   If your extender is far from the router as a result the LED light will turn on red, the extender will form a good connection if the LED light on the router starts blinking Blue. The router will start to boost the signals itself.

·   Try again to connect the Brostrend extender to the router in case the router is not getting any signal.

·   Install the new router with the existing one.

·   If the extender is installed properly and connected to a WiFi device, then you can use it to connect the extender network.

·   The extender will use its existing name of the WiFi.

·   The WiFi password of your existing router and the extender will be the same by default.

·   Once the router will be connected to the extender, you are then free to use it under the range of the extended router.

·   You can do the Setup process while using the Tablet, Smartphone and PC.

For Brostrend Extender What Will Be The Instructions Of LED Lights?

Some people think that all the lights are the same but however every light indicates a different status of the extender. Additionally every light denotes something else, on the panel of Brostrend WiFI extender Setup. But no worries, as a brief explanation on the LED lights status is given here.

Power LED Light

  • When you see a solid LED light on the router, it’s an indication that the range extender is compatible.
  • If the LED light on the device is visibly blinking now, it means the gadget successfully tends to be running now.
  • The range extender is also off, if the power on the LED will be off.


  • Connection will be alive, till the LED light on the WPS is ON.
  • When the connection is active the LED light will start blinking.
  • The connection will automatically be disabled if the status of WPS LED gets off.

The LED Signal Light

  • When the range extender and the existing router are fairly at the same position then there might be some chances that the blue light will be visible just because of the positioning of the devices.
  • If the range extender is kept away from the device and the solid red LED light persists it means the extender is working but the existing device is not.
  • Signal booster will not be able to connect with the router, if the LED light on the booster will not turn on.

Troubleshooting Tips

To fix the issue you must use the troubleshooting process to resolve or you can run it by login in re.brostrend. But this one will help you out most probably when you are facing trouble moreover, in accessing the page. 

Check the Internet

  • If you are trying to connect another port to the router to link your device using the wired connection and check whether the internet is still connecting.  But what if the error message comes to you, in this case you need to contact your ISP assistance to fix this problem soon. As the issue did not cause others who are using the same network.
  • Due to insufficient bandwidth, check the speed of the internet. You will receive the message automatically that your internet is too slow. Mostly this problem occurs when you are trying to reach or access re.brostrend website and video streaming sites like Netflix and amazon prime videos etc…

Setting Up WiFi Access Point Mode:

·       The Brostrend Extender Setup is essential to Access the point to the router for connecting it properly.

·       You can login to any device to retransmit the SSID router, to login with a password.

·       Other wireless signals and wireless signals will depend on the distance and the range.

·       everything will depend on the wireless signals, distance and mainly on the range, Of the Brostrend extender.

·       An Ethernet cable can be connected to the unit that broadcasts a WiFi signal to get a very long-range signal and to run it.

·       When boosting the router signal is not enough, this is a good option.

·       For instance, an Ethernet cable can run to the router in a detached garage that is far from home and attached to the BrosTrend Extender setup that will act as an access point.

Steps For the ‎BrosTrend ‎AC3 WiFi Adapter Hardware Installation

AC3 WiFi adapter driver setup, here are some steps to setup Brostrend. Which are as follows?

§  Power up your PC and insert the USB port in the Brostrend AC 1200 WiFi Adapter.

§  When you will insert PC and CD in the CD-ROM. You will interconnect the PC operating system.

§  Download the CD driver from our latest CD driver, For your PC which is not detecting any driver.

Important Note:

Power shut your PC if it is connected to the WiFi adapter, and power off your PC as well before the installation process of your Brostrend AC3.

Else, the Wifi adapter may cause some friction and you might face a problem as you will not know why the adapter isn’t working for you or specifically which one is working for you.

For the meantime, you can uninstall the driver your PC already had in it. Now, once you have uninstalled the previous driver you can install the Brostrend AC1200 driver, From the USB WiFi adapter as a result you can manifest the errors. If the Brostrend AC3 fails to work you can uninstall everything from your control panel.

Make sure to, when your PC driver is off. Don’t forget to uninstall the driver from your driver


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