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5 ways to retain your best talent of Microsoft Dynamics in the hiring

In today’s era, employee shortage is a common problem for companies. On top of that, you can face a huge failure if you don’t have any employee retention policy. Now, when we talk about the talent for Microsoft Dynamics, it is even more challenging to discover and retain the right talent. 

Finding outstanding Dynamics 365 personnel is challenging as many people might be looking for the answer to how to become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant. Still, only a few actually have the expertise. It is expensive, time-consuming, and requires a lot of effort. As a result, retaining your top Dynamics consultants on board is crucial to your company’s success.

We have a fair understanding of the obstacles you might be dealing with. This post will also give you tips on expanding your Dynamics teams so that you may scale your company and share in the success.

5 ways to retain your Microsoft Dynamics staff 

Despite the complexity of the factors contributing to the battle for Dynamics expertise, there is a far easier way to retain your Microsoft Dynamics professionals. 

Particularly during the pandemic and the Great Resignation that followed, employees were much more at ease standing up for what they needed.

Below are our top five suggestions for keeping your Dynamics 365 talent:

 Identify the right people and start an individual recognition plan

The Dynamics workers whose contributions are the most beneficial to your company should be the primary focus of your efforts for employee retention. You must explain what this means to you and how you plan to evaluate each team member in light of these standards. 

Recognition is another way to communicate expectations to your staff and show appreciation for their contributions. In our Microsoft Business Applications Careers and Hiring Guide, company culture and the overall work environment were ranked third among the factors motivating employees to quit their current employment (35%).

Support your staff’s learning and development journey

There are two benefits to offering learning and development opportunities to your workers. On the one hand, you can ensure that your teams have the tools and knowledge required to support the expansion of your business and help you more successfully accomplish your goals. 

It should come as no surprise that the main reason for employees to seek new employment was a lack of career and promotion prospects (41%), according to our most recent Microsoft Business Applications Careers & Hiring Guide. For employees to stay on the job, learning and growth are essential.

Market your corporate culture

What distinguishes your business from rivals’ businesses? This is important!

Marketing your corporate culture may be helpful when you’re seeking in-demand personnel, such as Microsoft Dynamics solution professionals who are likely to stick around. 

More workers now choose their employers based on factors like diversity and corporate culture, reputation, and salary. Your current employers are the finest people to share their knowledge and promote the company to prospective employees.

Connect online

Business professionals should use social media to look for and be found. On LinkedIn, you may search for applicants with the needed experience and abilities by using keywords like job titles. After that, you can get in touch with them to ask whether they’d be interested in working with you.

You may also attract top personnel by disseminating a lot of information about your business, like recruiting videos, pictures from corporate events, and employee testimonials. Show off what makes your business unique and a fantastic place to work.

Offer flexible and hybrid work

It’s evident that employees value remote work because most say they’d rather quit than be forced back into the office. Employers must therefore figure out how to implement it in the workplace, leading to hybrid work. Many businesses give their staff options for how and where they’d like to work as offices reopen.

Bottom line

Worldwide, employees are becoming pickier due to their increased awareness of what they want from a company. Employers must take charge and implement policies to draw in and keep talent after the pandemic or risk falling behind. 

With Microsoft Dynamics professionals, you need to be even more concerned with your employee retention policy because this is not some talent you get most often.


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