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6 Valuable Home Security Tips You Never Thought Of

When it comes to home security, most people think of the basics: locks, lights and alarms. But there are some tips and tricks for home security you may not have even thought of! In this article, we’ll share six home security tips you never thought of that will help keep your family safe and secure. 

From installing security doors upon moving into a new home to investing in a guard dog, these simple tips can make all the difference in keeping your home secure. Read on for more information about these clever safety measures.

Change Your Locks and Install Security Doors 

One of the best things you can do when moving into a new residence is to change the locks on all exterior doors. This ensures that previous tenants or other unauthorized individuals do not have easy access to your home. 

And while you’re at it, consider installing additional security doors with reinforced frames or bars that can better protect against break-ins. Security doors are an affordable way to increase your home’s safety without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

Install Exterior Lights around the Perimeter 

Installing outdoor lighting around the perimeter of your property is another effective deterrent for potential intruders. Motion sensor floodlights are particularly effective since they automatically turn on whenever someone approaches your property after dark. 

Installing bright lights is also beneficial because it allows neighbors to keep an eye on what is happening in front of their homes during nighttime hours, further increasing your level of protection from unwanted visitors.

Put Window Sensors in the Ground-Level Windows 

Window sensors are one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to home security yet they can be incredibly helpful in alerting you if someone attempts to break into your residence through any windows located at ground level. 

These sensors detect vibrations which are caused by anyone attempting to pry open or break windows, triggering an alarm system that immediately notifies you should anything occur outside normal activity levels within range of the sensors’ detection area.

Invest In a Home Security System 

Investing in a comprehensive home security system is one of the best ways to protect yourself from potential threats such as burglaries or vandalism while you’re away from home or asleep inside it. Home security systems typically come with multiple components including cameras, motion detectors and an alarm system. 

And these are all linked together through a central control panel or app so you’re always aware if something suspicious occurs within range of any component on the system even when away from home. 

Depending on the type of system chosen and budget available, additional features like smoke detectors, floodlights or carbon monoxide detectors may also be added for increased safety measures and comprehensive coverage around your property.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

It’s essential to remember that locking up your house doesn’t just mean when leaving for longer periods like trips or vacations but also when simply going out for errands or quick getaways like visiting friends nearby. 

Leaving windows and doors unlocked even for short periods could potentially result in criminals taking advantage and entering uninvited. So make sure to lock everything up before stepping out no matter how long you’ll be gone!

Consider Getting a Guard Dog 

If looking for added layers of protection then consider getting a guard dog. Guard dogs aren’t only used as an intimidating factor but are also trained specifically for protection purposes. This makes them more reliable than other forms of prevention. 

For example, CCTV alone doesn’t actually stop someone from entering but instead only documents any wrongdoing after they’ve gotten away with it already. Thus having a trained canine guard is especially useful due its ability to actively block entry attempts before they happen! Furthermore, training isn’t too difficult either since many breeds naturally possess good guarding and protective instincts. These can then be further developed through obedience classes followed by regular practice sessions with family members.


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