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8 Rules To Follow For Carrying a Lace Dress Properly

Do you want to have a model look with a lace dress for less money? Arm yourself with the advice of the experts, so as not to look old-fashioned or vulgar.

Here are the 8 rules that you need to follow:

Rule number 1: the right lining

If we are talking about lace, then the lining or cover on which the dress is planted plays a very important role. Too light a contrast cover can spoil the whole impression. Lining that is as close to the natural color of the skin as possible, or red, but slightly lighter than the main color of the lace, will be much better.

Rule number 2: restrained style

The lace itself is a provocative material, often associated with underwear. Therefore, you should not aggravate these associations with too short a length or excessive openness. By the way, if there is something wrong with the lining, and the length is too short, the situation becomes disastrous.

Rule #3: Compensate

If the length of the lace dress is very short, compensate for this with a non-linen shade, a loose A-line silhouette, sleeves, and a lack of a revealing neckline. Also, with a short dress, you can always add a quirky lace trim on the silhouette and sleeves to give it a new look. It will work!

Rule number 4: Interesting drawing

What is “uninteresting” lace? Here, of course, everyone has their own criteria for the “interesting” or “uninteresting” pattern, but in cheap dresses, a small pattern has no texture and volume and, therefore, is more likely to look like a curtain. Although, draw your attention to the fact that this is not a critical drawback, and dresses with an “uninteresting” lace pattern can be successfully beaten.

Rule number 5: No association with sports

A dress that looks like a suit for figure skating (as well as dance competitions and other sports and artistic events) is not the best choice. No, of course, maybe you are specifically looking for this for some of your purposes, but in real life, it often looks ridiculous. It can only be suitable for very young girls in combination with sneakers and a denim jacket. So, ensure that you don’t make this mistake and keep your look and age in regard while wearing it.

Rule number 6: Allow yourself air

There are several patterns: a dress with a semi-adjacent silhouette looks more advantageous and refined than a fully fitting lace case, and a lining that completely matches in tone adds restraint. So, make sure your dress isn’t too tight, as it kills the purpose of a lace dress.

Rule number 7: Stick to all points

Restrained style, length covering the knees, delicate shade. If everything is observed, such a dress will suggest the outfits of Princess Letizia or Duchess Kate. You may have to work with an iron with the perfect lace dress, but the effort is worth the effect. If you really want to carry your dress with perfection, then make sure you understand the meaning of them all in a rightful manner.

Rule #8: Feel the romance

Lace is always about romance, not vulgarity. If you stick to the rules I’ve listed, you’ll look like Brigitte Bardot at her best. Think of this dress: button-up top, knee-length, cropped sleeves. It can be worn with a belt, or with a silk ribbon in a contrasting shade. Feminine, poetic, romantic.


If you want to make sure that you look your best with the lace dress. Then, you really need to follow all the rules mentioned here and at the same, you need to reinvent yourself and carry it with a sense of confidence.


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