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A Practice Mate that Makes it Simple to Run a Practice

Office Aly Practice Mate is a great option for small and mid-sized healthcare businesses looking for an affordable solution. This is a great solution for small or mid-sized practices who cannot afford a more expensive system because of their limited resources.

The key difference between Practice Mate and other providers is, without doubt, the price. Office Ally’s practice management software is extremely affordable. It makes it possible to say goodbye to costly, complex IT solutions for health.

Office Ally Cost is one of the key distinguishing factors, but the vendor also emphasizes increased operational efficiency. Because they are less involved in administrative tasks, clinicians can spend more time providing patient care. Clearinghouse and Practice Management are popular options for increasing efficiency in the practice. Office Ally’s complimentary add-on solutions make it a top choice for a Practice Management System, particularly for small- to medium-sized healthcare facilities.

Office Ally Mate – A Overview

Office Ally has developed Practice Mate, a cloud-based practice management system that is free for all current Office Ally users. It was created to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized healthcare organizations. This platform offers personalized solutions that meet the needs of multiple medical specialties. It also helps users automate daily tasks required to run a successful facility.

You can choose from specific functions of Practice Mate or use it alongside your legacy Practice Management software. It also offers no cost training or set-up, and there is no contract. This is what has largely influenced all positive Office Ally Reviews.

It is easy to send claims to more than 5,000 insurance companies without any cost. Secure scheduling, claims creation and electronic superbills are all possible with the PM system. It also has scalable accounting capabilities and patient statements. The appointment scheduling module allows users to easily create and manage appointments, as well as color-code time slots.

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Office Ally Reviews and Other Features

Office Ally says that the system has an integrated credit card processing capability. The system allows users to manage patient information such as demographics, visits, insurance information, and appointments. You can schedule appointments quickly with unique search and view features. You can also create and submit claims electronically.

The practice management software supports multiple locations and provides secure data backup in cloud. It allows you to create patient statements and financial reports. These can be exported in different formats such as Excel or PDF files. The following are other benefits that users have reported:

  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Access to more than 5,000 payers
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • New users receive free training and setup.
  • No contact required

Both the pros and cons


  • Office Ally Reviews affirm that the solution is easy to use and navigate and can be used simultaneously by multiple people.
  • The software highlights any errors before they are sent out, making it easier for users to file complaints.
  • They offer excellent customer service. They’re constantly adding to it in order to make it more accessible.
  • The system integrates seamlessly with Office Ally’s patient modules as well as EHR.
  • To differentiate between OT/ST, you can color-code your schedules.


  • It can be slow and unresponsive for long periods of times.
  • Office Ally Demo users felt it could not hold large files and was not always smooth.
  • Users need to be patient and learn quickly.
  • Sometimes, it can be difficult to set up progress notes.
  • Users experienced problems when checking their eligibility.
  • It does not allow for you to manually send text reminders.

Final Thoughts

Office Ally Practice Mate is a free practice management solution aimed at smaller, cost-conscious healthcare facilities. It is a no-frills product that gets the job done efficiently, but user reviews suggest that Office Ally’s servers go down often, at least once a month. These outages may not be a major concern for smaller private practices, but they can be a major hindrance for larger, high-volume organizations. All in all, it is an attractive option for small to mid-sized practices as it offers free training, set-up, and 24/7 customer support. It could easily be a top consideration for healthcare facilities just starting out.


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