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All You Need to Know About Calgary Construction Companies

There are many aspects to go into when it comes to construction work. This means it would be a wise choice to choose professionals that are concerned with quality to get exceptional outcomes. Fortunately, the top construction teams in Calgary can help you with that. When looking for a construction business, you should examine their level of skill.

These factors will assist you in constructing durable projects and structures with longer lifespans, especially if owning a home or a company has long been a goal of yours. Keep reading to learn about our top selections for construction companies that will undoubtedly meet your demands.

Bird Construction

Bird Construction has long been a leader in the Canadian construction business. Mainly to its principles of devotion, teamwork, client satisfaction, and value development. They are not only one of the top construction businesses in Calgary but also one of the best in Canada, with over 100 years of expertise. The Bird Construction Company includes commercial as well as residential construction services. 

They also do civil works for oil, gas, and electricity mining in environmental areas. Bird Construction is capable of assisting you with anything from pre-construction design to regular maintenance of the workplace. They also use material removal technology to assure the safety and durability of your project.

Graham Construction

Graham Construction is a construction and engineering organization located in Calgary. Moreover, they already have experience in numerous important city construction projects that involve the Peace Bridge as well. They collaborate with their workforce and local people, as well as material removal equipment. Graham Construction is capable of offering the highest quality work possible using these resources and their dedication to safety.

They will also supervise the progress of your project from construction contracts to the planning, supply, and building phases. This degree of project management is what identifies them as one of Calgary’s top construction businesses. Graham’s construction motto relies on dedication, dependability, and honesty. They respect and care for their clients and staff as a home business. 

Bond Contracting And Construction

Bond contracting and construction is ideal for interior and exterior remodeling. They build decks and extend housing, but are most popular for doing renovations of bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Bond Construction is a member of the Calgary Area Home Builders Association and has the highest rating among the credit agencies. They have insurance and a license to ensure the quality of their services. Due to their professionalism, Bond Construction provides a two-year warranty on all remodeling projects.

Ryan Murphy Construction Company is one of the most excellent Calgary commercial construction businesses because of its hands-on approach. They take their time explaining each stage of the procedure. They are capable of managing everything from building to property management. Ryan Murphy specializes in residential renovations as well. 

They also take on construction projects for restaurants, pharmacies, and superstores. This construction company has executed nine hundred contracts with the support of five hundred and fifty trade partners. Among their completed projects are historical sites such as shops at Devenish. The Ryan Murphy Construction organization has several other identifications as well.

Ryan Murphy Construction

Abris Construction

Abris Construction is one of Calgary’s and Edmonton’s, as well as Vancouver’s, top construction businesses. One of their key beliefs is an improvement. This means they are always increasing the timeliness and quality of their work. They are most popular for their building renovations, but they also provide property management services. 

Additionally, they provide polishing, repairs, and material replacement services as well. Abris Construction also prioritizes client and contractor relationships, so you can expect personalized service.

Southern Alberta Construction

Southern Alberta Construction provides a wide range of services to its clients. They have a staff of trade-certified specialists that can handle any form of building. They have nearly a hundred years of collective expertise. As a result, they can handle any kind of construction challenge. In comparison to others, they ensure that the company’s projects are done on time and with the highest safety to fulfill all of their client’s expectations.

 Apart from that, their staff works hard to give exceptional customer service and high-quality building. The Southern Alberta Construction workers’ comprehensive emergency restoration and reconstruction services for all business and residential establishments are what makes them worth hiring.


Last but not least and most importantly, the quality to look for in a construction team is a commitment to understanding and carrying out your project vision. Whatever type of structure you are constructing or remodeling is more than just floors, sidewalls, and ceilings. Every building decision you make will have an impact on the project’s character and how they interact with their clients before and after the job. 

You need a construction company that understands your project’s goals, both short and long-term. They should be capable of guiding you through the process, giving you the satisfaction of completing your project according to your demands. Furthermore, hopefully, the above information will be enough to decide on the right construction team for your project.


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