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All Fun Facts About Neon LED And Neon Signs In 2022

A neon-colored, flashing color display outside a shopfront draws your (custom Neon signs cheap) interest. They have, over the years, proved to be an effective marketing tool for companies all over the globe.

The neon signposts have an extensive tradition. It was in the year 1902 that French scientist Georges Claude applied an electric current to a tube filled with neon gas. This led to the creation of the first lamp made of a noble gas.

For more than 2 centuries, neon has managed to demonstrate its efficacy in continuous, 24-hour advertising. There are however numerous fun information about this advertising tool. Here are a few of the most popular ones about those signs, and also the gas that causes them to glow.

The Discovery of Neon

Neon has been first discovered by William Ramsay (Scottish) and Morris Travers (English) in 1898, only a couple of years after they discovered the element krypton. Get Custom Neon Signs Cheap Now. A frozen argon sample together with liquefied air was slowly evaporated under a low-pressure environment to produce the first ever production from neon gases.

To examine the spectrum, researchers ran a high-voltage electrical current through a tube that contained the gas. This led to the release of a stunning glowing. It was from custom neon signs UK quiz this discovery that neon’s name was born that in Latin refers to “new.’ When it is in its natural state the gas is colorless and has an Atomic number of 10.

French Origins

In the time that Georges Claude came up with the concept of neon lighting at the start of the twentieth century. He conceived the idea of creating gas through the air the process of liquefaction.

Neon: Both Rare and Abundant

The Earth’s atmosphere is comprised of 0.0018 percent of neon, which makes it rare gas. The universe is, it is fifth in the elements with the highest amount of occurrence. In terms of composition, the universe is one-third of 500.

The only way to create neon is through the liquidation of air. The absence of oxygen within the air makes it a costly gas for costs of production, which is custom led signs approximately 55 times the price of liquid Helium.

Although it is rare and has cost-intensive production in the typical American home is home to an estimated 10 Liters of neon. The production of neon in stars occurs by the alpha process.

The First Neon Signs in the US

The first neon signs that were commercially produced by Claude Neon Georges Claude’s company were two signs to be used in a car dealership in Los Angeles, Packard. The signs went up for sale in 1923 for an astonishing $24,000.

The sign was which was purchased from Earle C. Anthony. In the years following the demand for outdoor neon signs grew significantly.

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Performance in Foggy Conditions

Rain and fog can reduce visibility. When this happens, standard lights are ineffective at a distance, unless they are visible from close range or by using an additional electric lighting system. Neon signs, on other hand, break through the fog easily.

This is the unique feature that allows them to be put into use at airports to ensure the safety of aircraft. This implies that neon signs or lights are able to quickly illuminate dark spaces in dark areas. Their ability to illuminate even in dark weather conditions creates a completely new potential for neon lights.

100% Handmade

We live in a more automated world. The application of smart technologies and automated processes has in the past, witnessed the manufacturing industry transform. But, the manufacturing of signs made from neon is a method that is still purely hands-on, regardless of modern technological advances.

It requires a competent pair of hands and a sense of detail to create glass tubes into the vibrant signage we see every day. There are numerous designs and colors that are possible.

However, the process of making them remains the same for every one of them. Order Custom Neon Signs For Room Now.

An Impressive Range of Colors

There are more than 200 colors that are compatible with neon lights. The sheer choice makes it possible to make a splash with various patterns and shades for your advertising campaign.


Neon signs are been around for a long time and remain a staple in the current advertising landscape. The flexibility of hot glass allows for the creation of any shape desired, along with appropriate colors for affordable and effective marketing and advertising tool.


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