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All you need to know about camping in Kasol

All you need to know about camping in Kasol 


Kasol is like a little heaven in Himachal Pradesh . Breathtaking views of majestic snow clad mountains , green – lush valleys , mesmerising meadows ,  soothing and relaxing hot springs . And hence it attracts a large number of tourists every year where adventurous activities like trekking or paragliding and camping are famous . you can also go hostel jibhi .

Camping in Kasol sounds like the best idea as it offers you to be around more with nature . And for many years it hasn’t just been an idea but also like a tradition to camp in Kasol. There are various locations that are well maintained and well set up for camping purposes . So the moment you reach Kasol you will find a number of camps set up beside Parvati river.  

So camping in Kasol is quite fun and an amazing experience but if you are a beginner then you should have some precautions .

Therefore, the following are some things to remember.

  1. If you haven’t done camping before and you don’t know how to set up a camp you need to learn it because it is not something in which you will be perfect the very first time.  You have to understand how to set up a tent , because you will be alone and you have to be self-sufficient in some way so that you don’t get into any problem. 
  1. Don’t pitch the tent under the tree as it may bring a lot of dirt , insects , leaf or sticky materials over the tent. It might seem very comfortable and sheltered to camp below a tree but it is quite not.
  1. Since you will go to remote places near Kasol and there’s not much availability of signal and hence possibility of using net banking like gpay ..etc is less . ATMs are also not available in most of the region . So take more cash with you .
  1. Carry necessary amenities with you as you’ll go to far places with less facilities you might need something on your own . Some medical items , some regular items etc.
  1. When you are camping beside Parvati river you need to be more careful . As flow of water might increase in the streams of the river when gates are released .

Here are the few camping sites  that are popular in Kasol where you can gain an awesome experience . 

  1. Kabila camp
  2. Om Himalayan Camp
  3. Parvati wood camp

Kabila camp 

It is a budget friendly camp situated along the Parvati valley . Located 4 km from Kasol, it provides other facilities such as barbeque , on-site cafe , and open space that give you a beautiful glimpse of nature . You can also have choices between varieties of tents from Swiss to traditional to alpine and even dome tents . 

Om Himalayan Camp Kasol 

If you are someone who wants to explore the beauty of Kasol but just can’t compromise with your modern comfortable necessities. So yes this camp will be awesome for you that will provide attached bathrooms with the privilege of choosing between Swiss tent or luxury tents .

Parvati wood camps 

Walkable distance from the main town to Parvati river,  it is a camp with all the amenities like in-house restaurant , bonfire , music  within the beautiful comfortable wood camps . Mesmerising view around, its beautiful to sit underneath the stars or have fun doing bonfire with your friends. 

Take your own tent anywhere and camp

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like crowds and want to avoid crowds of tourists around where you camp . So you can just have your own tent and with that you can pinch it anywhere you want beside Parvati river or above the mountains anywhere.  Someone who just wants to explore and breathe alone around nature so carrying your own tent is a nice plan . But make sure if you are fixing up your camp on your own , then take necessary items with you . Here are a few sites  that give you a perfect glimpse of nature , cool weather and beautiful view . 

  1. Kheerganga
  2. Tosh
  3. Rasol
  4. Chalal


You can pinch your camp at Kheerganga which is a beautiful old inhabited village near Kasol  You can also go to the temple of Lord Shiva.Located near deep Parvati valley it is a mesmerising place with  astonishing views of mountains and valleys .


Camping at Tosh which is the oldest village and is located at the bank of Parvati river.  Elevated at 2400m it’s a village with apple orchards , wooden houses , greenery , beautiful landscapes and glaciers .


Close to Malana and Kasol , to camp above Rasol you have to do a simple but exhausting trek that will take 4-5 hours . And it’s an amazing place to camp with greenery and beautiful views everywhere.


It’s a beautiful treat to your eyes if you are visiting Chalal . And camping in Chalal means being around beautiful terrains , rustic mountain villages surrounded by the most charming views . It’s an amazing experience to camp beside Parvati valley ,underneath the stars .

So camping in Kasol is quite fun and an amazing experience but if you are a beginner then you should have some precautions .Therefore, the following are some things to remember.


So trip to Kasol but you don’t want to sleep under a solid roof and 4 walls around then camping is your way out . And more because sleeping underneath the stars with rivers flowing beside and beautiful snow capped mountains and mesmerising views everywhere is an experience which you must not miss !!


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