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At what age should kids Utilize inflatable Bumper Balls?

Bubble balls, Bumper Balls human ball hamsters They have many names. They are all identical — an air-filled, large ball which one is able to stand, run and bump into other players.

If your child is looking to play bubble soccer , or is asking for the bumper ball this is the information you should be aware of.

At what age can children Utilize inflatable bumper Balls?

There is no consensus standards for bumper ball safety. A majority of businesses who hire bumpers or organize bumper balls events have a minimum age of 8 years old.

A majority of adults’ bumpers weigh in the range of 20 pounds. Therefore, children of a lesser age would be unable to use one. The bumpers for children weigh less, but they can weigh more than 10 pounds.

Are Inflatable Bumper Balls Safe?

There is the possibility of injury from bumper balls, specifically with those that are more boisterous and smash into one another with more force.

If your children plan to be playing with bumper balls, ensure that they

Utilize the handle and harness inside the ball.

You should only play on a surface with a soft surface, like grass or sand.

Avoid playing near any the walls, surfaces roads, curbs, or any other place where they may cause injury to their head in the event of a fall.

Be supervised all the time by an adult responsible enough to intervene in the event that the bump becomes more violent.

Make sure you use the bumper ball as directed by the manufacturer.

How do you choose the best Bumper Inflatable Balls?

There are some things to keep in mind when looking for bumpers.


Bumper balls are available in two sizesadults and children’s sizes. If you’re looking for balls that are suitable for 8- and 10-year olds, the child-sized bumper is safer and more enjoyable than one designed for adults.


Bumper balls come with a weight capacity range which reflects the size of the ball and the amount of air it can hold, and the strength of the construction and materials. It is important to verify the weight capacity range of the bumper balls you’re considering.

Although a bumper ball might be able to fit on those who are larger than the stated capacity, it might not be able to stand up to someone who is heavier and falls over within it. The additional weight that falls on it could cause the ball to explode and could cause injuries.


The majority of bumper balls are constructed of PVC. They’re all .03-inch thick PVC which means they’re nearly identical in their capacity to withstand punctures. The PVC is resistant to extreme temperatures and water.

Where bumpers can differ is the quality control and quality assurance of the manufacturer. A good way to be sure that you’re choosing a long-lasting bumper ball is to check reviews or select one of our recommendations.

  • Usability

Examine the labeling to find out how the ball has been inflating and deflating. Balls with multiple chambers could be more evenly inflated, however they could take longer to fill up and deflate.


Check out just how tall the handles on the bumper ball The handles in the bumper ball are high. This will guarantee that they will be at an appropriate height for anyone who plays it.


Verify the label to make sure that the product you select is authorized to be used by the U.S.


Smaller size bumpers for children are great for the youngsters in the family. However due to the smallest weight range, your children may outgrow them quite quickly. It’s also unlikely that you getting the chance to play with it after your kids are in the bed.

Take into consideration whether you’ll benefit more from an extra-large bumper ball appropriate for adults and children.


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