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Everything you want to know about your child’s intelligence and IQ

The younger the child, the more a high IQ leads to better performance in the classroom. But a high IQ is by no means a guarantee of good performance in the classroom or a good career in school or in work life. According to research from America, it appears that the older you get at school, the less you can rely on your IQ. It increasingly comes down to commitment, social skills and enthusiasm. These skills are increasingly paid attention to the multiple intelligence. This allows you to discover a child’s individual smarts beyond the average IQ of a child with What Is The Average IQ For A 13 Year Old?

What is the average IQ of a child?

IQ is an abbreviation that means Intelligence Quotient. A child’s IQ is largely innate, but is also influenced by environmental factors. Children with the same IQ trigger each other and healthy food also affects a child’s IQ. The average IQ of a child in the Netherlands is around 100 points.

IQ of a child by age

Usually the IQ of a child who is 2 years, 5 years, 8 years or 12 years remains the same. But according to research from London, children aged 10, 12 and 16 had two IQ tests with a 4-year break between the IQ tests. This showed that the IQ scores in different children had increased or decreased by 10 points compared to children of the same age. A 21-year-old child had an elevated IQ score for verbal intelligence of up to 23 points. A 9-year-old child had an IQ score of 20 points lower.

What exactly does the average IQ score for a child mean?

If we talk about the average IQ in a child, it is around 100. A child with an IQ between 90/110 is considered normal and 84% of the children have that IQ. Only 2.5% of children are gifted and have an IQ above 130.
A child with an IQ of 110 will usually be a good student and pick up everything quickly. And a student with an IQ between 70/80. Then there is a good chance that the student will have difficulty in school. If a child has an IQ lower than 70, the child must go to special education. Below is a list of what the IQ scores mean for a child with What Is The Average IQ For A 13 Year Old?

  • Above 130 is Highly Gifted
  • 121/130: gifted
  • 111/120: above average
  • 90/110: normal
  • 80/89: below average
  • 70/79 : low gifted/learning difficulties
  • If a child has an IQ between 50 – 69 , it is considered a mild intellectual disability
  • A child with an IQ between 35 – 49 has a: Moderate intellectual disability

What is Multiple Intelligence in a Child?

Multiple intelligence assumes that a child is not smart or stupid. In kind has a talent in one field. These talents can be divided into 8 types of cleverness:

  • word smart then you have a sense of language
  • number smart then the child has a feeling for numbers
  • clever. insight into space and form
  • body lim then as a child I have good motor skills and you can often exercise well
  • music smart, then the child is musical
  • people smart, social intelligence
  • self-smart, good self-reflection
  • naturally smart then the child has green fingers

What is IQ?

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It is partly innate and partly determined by environmental factors, such as familiarity with the tests and being in a class with an equal IQ (then the whole group pulls together). Food also seems to have an influence: children who eat a lot of snacks and sweets and too little fruit and vegetables, score better with extra vitamins and minerals.

What scores are there?

The average IQ is 100. An IQ between 90-110 is ‘normal’. About 84 percent of people fall into this group. About 2.5 percent of primary school students are gifted (above 130).
A child with an IQ of 110 will be a smooth student, if it has an IQ of 70-80, it is more often a slow student who has a lot of trouble with the material. Usually children with an IQ below 70 have to go to special education.

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