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Aymod Showcases the Latest Trends and Colors in the Footwear Industry

The best shoe producer offers quality products with both production and sales opportunities. You can contact the company that helps you with modern-designed shoes according to gender, age, foot size, taste, and environmental conditions.

Models that can appeal to all tastes, from sports shoes to trekking shoes, from unisex shoes to shoes with many options, are carefully designed and produced. Shoe manufacturing is a very demanding job. The materials used in making shoes, which we can describe as a branch of art, are at least as necessary as the design.

Shoe models that can be used in different weather conditions are produced as waterproof. The company, which also gains customer satisfaction thanks to its products with high levels of durability, also cares about your comfort and convenience.

How is Shoe Production Made?

Shoe producer Aymod, working with effort and patience, produces shoes suitable for every period of fashion. Experts and experienced people work in the process, from the design of the boots to the placement of the heel and sole cushions, by meticulously processing the production stages. The most talented designers design the latest models suitable for the season. The production phase is started by using quality leather and fabric types. The upper part and the lining are cut, curled, and sewn together. It is then prepared to combine with the base.

Inner and outer soles are produced to give hardness to the toe part and to have a comfortable shoe by making the heel part soft. The sewing and gluing processes are also completed meticulously, and the healing process is started. The heel is combined with the shoe’s sole, and the shoe is made ready.

By removing the shoe from the mold, the damaged parts are repaired during the production phase, and the cleaning phase is started. Depending on the model, accessories such as laces, bows, and buckles are attached and finalized. This shoe manufacturer company produces durable, waterproof shoes that can be used in different conditions, which you can wear for many years by working with its expert employees at all stages. You can also get information by visiting the company’s website https://www.aymod.com/en/shoe-manufacture.

In addition to domestic brands, Aymod showcases the latest trends and colors in the footwear industry. The trade fair is an excellent platform for international brands and designers. The next Aymod is scheduled for April 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey. Please note that due to the corona pandemic, information for the 2023 event may be outdated. For updated information, please contact the organizer of the event.

17,000 industry professionals

The International Shoe Fashion Fair (AYMOD) is a leading platform for the international footwear industry and its suppliers. In its 57th edition at CNR EXPO Yesilkoy in Istanbul, Turkey, the fair has welcomed more than 17,000 industry professionals and purchasing delegations from 59 countries. At the event, 1,400 brands and manufacturers from both domestic and foreign markets showcased their products and services. Among these, handmade footwear and handmade leather bags gained attention, as well as the artisanal and natural methods used for polishing.

1,400 domestic and foreign brands

The International Shoe Fashion Fair (AYMOD) is a leading event for the footwear industry. The annual event has a global reach and attracts 17,000 professionals from 59 countries. It features more than 1,400 domestic and foreign brands. Aymod is a popular platform for collaborations between domestic and international brands.

Kobi Levi

Kobi Levi is a talented shoe designer. He started out making shoe designs out of cardboard. After graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem, Israel, Levi decided to become a freelancer. He began to create unique shoe styles and upload them to his blog, Kobi’s Footwear Art. His work is unique and inspired, and he makes all of his shoes by hand in small editions.

The AYMOD International Footwear Fashion Fair is the world’s leading trade platform and provides a window to Turkish footwear. This year’s show featured over 10,000 products and 500 world-renowned brands, setting footwear trends around the world. Attracting over thirty thousand professionals and buyers, AYMOD is the largest and most comprehensive footwear exhibition in Turkey and the second largest shoe fair in the world.

Lady Gaga’s shoe designer

Currently on her world tour, Lady Gaga is a phenomenon in the fashion world. Her avant-garde and progressive style is a major part of her ‘Gaga-ness’, and her shoes reflect that. Japanese shoe designer Noritaka Tatehana creates Lady Gaga’s heelless shoes.

The shoes she wore in the award show are called “Yigit,” and they are made of silk-satin. They have angular platforms and pointy toes. Lady Gaga chose to wear her shoes with a strappy gown and black accessories. The singer paired her dress with a boxy handbag and cat-eye sunglasses.


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