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Benefits of swimming lifeguard certification in children

Initiating our children in the practice of a sport is a goal that all parents pursue. But choosing that sport is often a matter of opportunity means possibilities and our own preferences with lifeguard certification.

As a starting point, it should be noted that it is a physical and social activity , which can be started by at a very early age, in such a way that the Swimming Coaches Association recommends starting swimming from four months of age.

The objective benefits of swimming, which can lead us to choose it, are the following:

Refreshing Fun .

In hot climates like ours or during hot seasons, taking kids swimming regularly and outdoors encourages an active lifestyle . For the rest of the year while also being near-perfect physical exercise a very fun activity.

Security .

According to Kids, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children and youth ages 5 to 24. Therefore, swimming is not only a physical exercise, it also reduces the risk of suffering an emergency if your child accidentally falls by into the water or is swept away by a current on the beach.

However, their ability to manage in aquatic environments. Should not mean that adults can fail to supervise their activities in the water.

Health .

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular for our children’s lungs and hearts improves strength and flexibility raises endurance levels and even improves balance and posture. It also prevents childhood obesity that has been linked by to juvenile diabetes and corrects or alleviates the pain that can be derived from certain curvatures of the spine, or even improves the symptoms of some diseases.

Low Impact Sport .

It is a less stressful physical activity for the joints and ligaments and therefore relatively injury-free compared to other sports that are more widespread among our children, such as tennis or soccer which is why it is classified as a low-impact activity.

Psychological benefits .

Some researchers suggest that it improves children’s intelligence thus according to the study carried out in Australia by the Griffith Institute for Educational Research children who regularly practiced swimming in their early years demonstrated better general knowledge than the normal population.

Finally, it should be mentioned by that for many children with special needs or disabilities, which prevent them from participating in other sports, swimming will be a suitable sport, which will give them many moments of fun in the water with their parents, siblings, and friends, with the advantage that buoyancy provides for those who have limited movement.

Benefits of swimming

The benefits of swimming with lifeguard certification have also been confirmed in children with autism spectrum disorders . For them swimming involves a rhythmic movement (similar to some of their characteristic repetitive behaviors) that frees them from those sensory perceptions that block them in daily life.

And it is a therapy that will help them in the field of coordination, communication, form physical, socialization and familiarization with the water.


Swimming is a sport or exercise that is performed by in the water using the extremities of the body without the use of any artificial equipment. Swimming is also a very beneficial recreational exercise for human beings.

Because it is mainly a kind of aerobic exercise which can reduce the harmful effects of stress. Improve and correct posture and develop a unique physique.

The practice of swimming with lifeguard certification is based primarily on technique and secondarily on speed and endurance training.


  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Contributes to cardiopulmonary firmness.
  • Reduces the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases.
  • Helps maintain a steady blood pressure.
  • It increases more than two thirds of the muscles of our body.
  • The posture of the body thrives.
  • Calm tensions.
  • Fortifies the tissues of the joints avoiding possible injuries.
  • Supports growth and physical-psychological progress.
  • Psycho motor development thrives.


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