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Broken Planet Market

Everyday life is incomplete without quality clothing. It’s crucial to dress in ways that make you feel confident, good about yourself, and look nice. But, it can be challenging to locate priced, high-quality apparel.  High-quality clothing is crucial. You’ll look and feel better while wearing finer apparel, and it will last longer.  It can be challenging to find clothing that is both fashionable and affordable. To guarantee the quality of your apparel, buy from reputable labels. Investing in these brands may have a greater upfront cost, but it will be well worth it in the long run. During sales or clearance events, you can get good clothing for less money. There are many affordable clothes for sale at the shattered planet market.

Transparency is one of Broken Planet Market‘s tactics. They don’t wear it; they radiate it. You’ll see from looking at their stream that they showcase. The clothing is in a relaxed and authentic manner. It is uncommon to use models and product images in this manner. Their feed is loud and eye-catching, like their designs and sources of inspiration. 

What is Broken Planet

This brand from outer space seeks to improve environmental sustainability through streetwear. Over 50,000 clients worldwide and a startling 450,000 people follow the brand on social media. Their bombastic patterns come in a variety of earthy and neutral colours.  The pieces feature a lot of graphic and text printing with a hand-drawn look. Additionally, they have puffy patterns on both sides. This brand has been expanding over the last few months, so it’s probable that you’ve seen them on your for you page.

Two Power Couples Are Behind the Brand

Lukas Ivikas and his girlfriend started a streetwear company. Who were both born in Lithuania, today operate the most powerful NGO in the world from London. The couple not only had a long-distance romance while studying abroad, but they also grew up there. While Lukas pursued a career in software engineering in New York. Indre studied international tourism management in the UK. Their favourite things to do together included getting together every few months. They took adventures that served as inspiration for their brand.

Two of them are Bali and New York Fashion Week. Despite Indre mentioning her job loss in a Tiktok in July 2020. The brand’s first dip occurred in September 2020, right in the middle of the epidemic. While Lukas focuses more on production and the hold, Indre works more on social media. The couple also discussed launching a brand together. Where customers might view the clothing as more than apparel and the brand’s core ideals.

Highest-Quality Fabric & Stitching

The Broken Planet Clothing firm works hard to offer its customers top-notch clothing. High-quality materials and stitching are used to create our clothes. That assures their sturdiness and lifespan. Each piece is made by our familiar and trained designers and tailors. To provide our consumers with the best products possible, we only use the best materials. At Broken Planet Official, we value having clothes that not only look nice but also feel well. 

Broken Planet 2023 Clothing Edition

The 2023 apparel line is one of Broken Planet’s most recent fashion releases. The collection’s newest items are hip and fashionable. From striking prints to original cuts, Broken Planet has something to offer everyone.

Broken Planet Hoodie

The hoodie is a chic and current way to display your love for the environment. Featuring organic cotton and recycled polyester, this hoodie is fashionable and beneficial. The Broken Planet Hoodie‘s striking image depicting a destroyed planet is certain to draw attention. It fits, making it perfect for outdoor activities. It is a strong and long-lasting article of apparel. To meet any fashion preference, it is offered in a variety of styles, colours, and designs.

Broken Planet Tracksuit 

Tracksuits are among our most well-liked clothing pieces. This tracksuit is characterised by premium fabrics and a loose fit. It is comfortable and stylish, making it perfect for wearing to the gym or out and about. The tracksuit is even more enticing because it bears a recognisable emblem. The Broken Planet Tracksuit is a stylish, adaptable choice that attracts attention. It is your wisest move, whether you’re at the gym or running errands.

Broken Planet Shorts 

Shorts are a distinctive article of apparel that blends comfort and style. You stay cool in the summer and toasty in the winter thanks to the breathable, light fabric. These Broken Planet shorts have a loose fit. They make them ideal for relaxed days out or strenuous activities. The shorts have a prominent logo that gives them a unique and fashionable appearance. These shorts’ adaptability and utility make them ideal for a variety of activities. There are many colours and patterns for the shorts. Whatever you do with Short, you may look fantastic and feel relaxed.


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