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How VSI CA Foundation Classes are Giving the Best Results?

VSI Jaipur became the only CA Coaching centre in India whose students consistently achieve the highest grades in Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. Talking about the CA Foundation classes of VSI Jaipur, teaching from top-notch faculty, individualized support, and quality mock tests are always effective. Every year, VSI Jaipur is renowned for producing outstanding CA Foundation Results.

Our CA Foundation offline and online classes adhere to a proven study schedule and methodology to provide our students with the best results. Consequently, hundreds of students cleared the CA Foundation exams in the first attempt. 

The CA Foundation course is not challenging. To better comprehend the ideas and receive helpful advice, you’ll need solid CA Foundation coaching if you want to pass the CA Foundation examinations. And, one such CA Foundation Institute in India that recognizes the demands of the students is VSI Jaipur.

In CA Foundation Dec 2021 results, 302 students of VSI Jaipur cleared the exams.

CA Foundation Dec 2021 Result (VSI Students):

300+ Marks13 Students
250+ Marks89 Students
200+ Marks200 Students

How do VSI CA Foundation Classes Provide the Best Results?

1. Excellent Instruction from Expert Faculty

At VSI, students listen to lectures from qualified CAs, CSS, CMAs, and MBAs. The faculty is highly qualified and very well knows how to teach the students in the best way possible. Therefore, students may be confident that they are studying with the best.

2. Exam-Oriented Classes

At VSI Jaipur, assisting students in passing exams and becoming successful CAs is our top priority. Therefore, we concentrate on a targeted study based on the ICAI’s latest material and previous year’s CA foundation question papers. So, you don’t have to study the ICAI material independently. Moreover, the lecture is delivered in straightforward language with lots of practical real-life examples.

3. Regular Mock Test Series Covering the Entire Syllabus

Practising high-quality mock test papers is essential to completing your preparation for the CA Foundation examinations. By completing the CA Foundation course on time, we regularly administer mock exams to our students according to a set schedule. Additionally, professionals create mock test papers based on changes made for the current year and trends in previous years’ examinations.

4. Individualized Guidance

It is challenging for students to pass the CA Foundation exams and earn good grades without the proper support. In light of how each of its students performed on the mock tests, VSI offers them each individually tailored advice. Whether students are taking offline or online classes, our counsellors will provide advice through telephone interactions.

5. Excellent CA Foundation Online Classes

To give our students a continuous learning experience, VSI employs its own reliable platform to run the CA Foundation Online classes. As a result, our students will solely concentrate on learning without any technical issues. The main challenge they encounter in online classes is how students can communicate with their lecturers and get their questions answered. For this, we create a personal Telegram group for each batch to address this problem.

6. Regular Doubt-Solving Sessions

The lecturers are available for one-on-one conversations and doubt clearing at the Institute for students who are enrolled in the course remotely. And for online classes,  Students can ask questions and can get a quick reply from their teachers.

There will always be doubts while preparing for the CA Foundation exams. So, VSI faculty regularly conduct doubt-solving sessions for its students. Apart from that, telegram groups are created for all the batches, so students can easily connect with their teachers.

With VSI, students can be sure that they will not be working alone for their success but VSI will be there with them in every step.

Now, check the details about the CA Foundation coaching classes of VSI Jaipur. 

Details of the VSI CA Foundation Classes 

Check the table below for a brief insight into our VSI CA Foundation Classes for the Nov 2022 exams.

CA Foundation Classes Details
Eligibility12th Class Appeared Candidates
ObjectTo understand the soul of the subject & solve the questions within time by short – tricks method.
MediumSeparate Batches for Hindi & English Medium Students.
Course DurationAbout Three Months
Course MaterialHindi & English Module as per the medium of students provided by VSI
Mode of ClassesOnline and Offline
Offline Classes atDurgapura, Shastri Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, and Vidyadhar Nagar (Jaipur)
Mock Test6 Mock Tests
First 25% course
Next 25% course
Next 25% course
Last 25% course
First 1 – 50% course
100% Complete course
– Test will be taken on OMR Sheet
– OMR Sheet will be checked by OMR Machine.

The duration of the CA Foundation classes will be 3 months. In these 3 months, apart from the syllabus completion, we’ll also conduct 6 mock tests covering the complete CA Foundation syllabus. The study pattern of VSI is very robust and designed for sure success.

Check out the VSI study pattern for the CA Foundation classes, 

On-Time Course Completion with Exam-oriented Classes

The USP of VSI, which makes it the most exemplary CA coaching institute in India, is that its lessons are entirely exam-oriented and emphasize fast course completion. They complete the course according to the ABC Analysis, 

A. Give chapters with FAQs and fewer syllabi more attention.

B. Group of the second-most crucial chapters

C. Chapters that contain frequently requested questions

Frequent Mock Exams Covering the Whole CA Foundation Syllabus

The Mock Test results make up 40% of the CA results, according to the VSI pattern.

Mock exams have three benefits. To “master” the content and receive bonus points on the exam, and the students study harder to prepare for the mock test. CA R.C. Sharma sir, the chairman of VSI, personally creates the test questions and marking scheme of the tests.

Personal Guidance

The students are grouped based on their performance in the mock tests. Each group of students need a different kind of guidance. As a result, each student receives specific advice from the Institute’s counsellors based on the chairman sir’s choice.

Now, since you have understood the study pattern of VSI and how it is delivering the best CA foundation results, it is time to understand the admission process at VSI.

How to Take Admission Into VSI Foundation Coaching?

You Can Join VSI in 3 Ways:

At Jaipur CenterOther than Jaipur CenterAt your Home
Face to FaceOnline ClassesVideo Classes

 Admission to VSI Jaipur is available both online and offline.

Visit our website and obtain the registration form to enrol online. After that, complete the necessary information and upload the necessary files. Then, pay the 20,000 rupee registration fee to secure your admission. 

However, Jaipur-based students are welcome to visit any of our centres and complete the registration form. Complete the necessary fields, send the relevant paperwork, and pay the fees. Fill out the form and give us your questions if you have any.

Given below is the fee structure for the CA foundation classes at VSI.

VSI CA Foundation Classes Fee Structure

CA Foundation Fees48,000

Our CA Foundation coaching fee is the same for offline, online or recorded classes.

If you begin well, your half journey is already covered. We at VSI believe in beginning well and ending superb. So why wait? Visit our centre today and enrol yourself in our sure success batch and begin your CA journey. We have listed down all the details of joining our CA Foundation classes.


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