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Can I Wear Sterling Silver Every Day? – Silver Star Jewels

Sterling silver is an alloy that contains about 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals like copper. Silver jewelry is marked as 925 in sterling silver jewelry, constituting about 92.5% of the metal silver. Sterling silver is an alloy and is harder than metal silver and is very suitable for the wholesale sterling silver jewelry manufacturer.

Sterling silver is less durable than white gold. Therefore, most people prefer to wear them around their hands as bands or wristlets. You can sanitize or wash your hands provided you only wear the sterling silver ring, and there are no soft materials like pearl or opal.

How Do You Take Care of Your Sterling Silver Jewelry?

You can mix 2 cups of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and then dip the silver jewelry into the solution for a few hours, then polish it.

How Would You Clean Your Sterling Silver?

Silver jewelry manufacturers use soap and warm water to cleanse the sterling silver in a very methodical way. They mix warm water with a small amount of ammonia to clean them when they find it difficult to polish. 

Sterling silver ornaments turn to tarnish within two to three years. But this is not a big matter as resolutions are provided to prevent it.

What Precautions About Your Sterling Silver Ornaments?

Your sterling silver jewelry or ornaments will last longer if you are very careful and alert. Do not wear them if you plunge your hand in hot water, when you are caught in a thundershower and when you go swimming. 

Instead of wearing them regularly, if you use them ever and anon, they sustain their beautiful looks and get up.

925 sterling silver might cause your fingers to turn green or black. Although there are fewer chances as happens with the other metallic jewelry. Therefore wholesale sterling silver jewelry is more prominent in the market than the rest.

Is It Safe to Use Sterling Silver While in Sleep?

You can feel free to wear the silver necklace around your neck while you go to sleep, as you are less concerned with the golden ones. You should prefer to wear 925 sterling silver to avoid any chemical reaction. This metal would last for twenty to thirty years without discoloration or erosion if properly maintained.

What Should You Do for the Long-lasting of Your Sterling Silver?

If you ever wish to take the proper care of your silver jewelry, then you should follow certain rules and regulations. First, apply a small quantity of Tiffany’s solution to a piece of loin. Then smoothly rub the cloth on the jewelry for quite some time. 

Then rinse it into warm water as water does not cause any damage. Then blot it to shine to remove the tarnish and retain the natural looks.

In conclusion, one can wear it every day, but he or she might be very careful. Regular usage prevents tarnishing if you are very aware while participating in any activity. Because water, exposure to the humid atmosphere, and contact with other chemical materials might blacken or erode your sterling silver jewelry.

If you were one of the people deceived about the genuine worth of the jewelry you purchased, then you must try to buy genuine products.

So, whenever you buy silver jewelry, remember to keep aside some of your money to get the products that will last for years.

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