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Chicken ribs or the artifact 618 floor cleaning robot is worth buying?

Sweeping robots have entered thousands of households. Almost when the topic of not wanting to sweep the floor is mentioned, the first thing everyone thinks of is to buy a sweeping robot. The sweeping robot is already a popular household appliance with intelligent functions.

However, the sweeping robot intelligently solves the problem of sweeping, but if you want to mop the floor, you still need to buy a mopping robot. Compared with the sweeping robot, the mopping robot is not so accepted by the public, and many people have doubts about the ability of the mopping robot. Is the mopping robot really easy to use?

Today, we will analyze one by one from the perspective of several different types of mopping robots, which kind of mopping robot works well. Save with ao nhs discount code

Sweeping and mopping products

Purchasing Index: Relatively Clean Household Sufficient

The sweeping and mopping integrated robot is currently a popular method of ground cleaning. By sweeping and mopping, the cleaning efficiency is not only improved, but also saves some space for users and saves the cost of purchasing two sweeping robots.

The mopping function of this kind of sweeping robot is currently divided into two different ways. One is a flat rag. By adding a rag and a water tank, the advanced one will swing back and forth, and cooperate with the pressure of the sweeping robot to clean the ground. .

The other is to use a thicker rag to clean the ground by rotating, and the cleaning effect is better than that of the tablet.

Mijia sweeping robot 2

Pure mopping products

Purchase index: suitable for groups with high requirements for cleaning effects or dirty cleaning scenes

Price Index: Moderate

In addition, there are some brands on the market who believe that the integrated product of sweeping and mopping cannot solve the problem of mopping and sweeping very well.

Therefore, pure mopping products have appeared. The structure of this product is actually similar to that of sweeping and mopping products, and it is also divided into flat plate type and circular rotation type.  amazon discount code

360 small octopus mopping robot lidar navigation ultra-thin obstacle avoidance home wireless smart mopping machine automatic mopping self-cleaning mop washing and mopping machine

Mopping, cleaning and drying integrated products

Purchase index: suitable for pure lazy people, almost no manual operation

Price Index: More Expensive

The product that integrates sweeping, mopping, washing and drying is basically the same in function as the product principle and form of the integrated sweeping and mopping, so I won’t go into details here.

The main purpose is to increase the washing and drying function. The robot can automatically return to the charging base to rinse the rag and dry it. It is said that there are also some products that can be connected to the water. The main selling point of this product is that the user does not need to do it all the way. Gotta be cleaner.

Cloud Whale sweeping robot sweeping and dragging all-in-one washing, dragging and drying all-in-one floor scrubber

Ecovacs sweeping robot T10 TURBO sweeping and mopping all-in-one machine suction, mopping, washing and drying all-in-one mopping robot floor washing machine floor mopping machine intelligent automatic cleaning and no-cleaning


On the whole, no matter which type of mainstream cleaning robot is, it can bring at least 60% of the floor cleaning effect to most families.

Users can choose the corresponding products according to their actual needs. Each product has advantages and disadvantages in terms of function and price, and can place an order after understanding their needs.

1. Accurately grasp the return on investment and create a benchmark for business hotels

Judging from the average value of the MBI industry brand index, business hotels not only have the largest number of brands, but also the brand index. Not bad.

“Top Quality Exceeds Expectations” Accord Hotel, as a luxury hotel representing Australia’s pink diamond-like quality, is luxurious and restrained, warm and reserved, creating an ideal business travel space for guests who pay attention to life taste, and is committed to becoming a city landmark, helping every Guests can experience the infinite charm of each city.

The Accord Hotel Nairobi, Kenya is located in the center of Nairobi, adjacent to the Kenyatta International Conference Center, the National Museum of Kenya and the United Nations Office in Kenya. It is an international city with frequent business exchanges in Africa. The hotel has a full-time restaurant of more than 700 square meters, a banquet hall of 1200 square meters, two small meeting rooms, equipped with a full set of conference multimedia equipment, and business services are readily available.

Accord International Hotel

The Accord International Hotel Nanping, Fujian is about 7 kilometers away from the city center, and the North High-speed Railway Station is within easy reach. The hotel integrates guest rooms, catering, entertainment, business, and large-scale conference centers. It has 277 guest rooms of various types, covering a 10,000-square-meter luxury restaurant, an 800-square-meter column-free international conference hall, and an outdoor 1,700-meter large lawn. Meetings, banquets, etc. Save money with Travelodge discount code, Travelodge Voucher Code NHS, Travelodge NHS Discount Code, Travelodge discount code NHS and Travelodge Promo Code NHS,

Hubei Shiyan Century Top 100 Wudang Accord International Hotel is located in the golden area of Beijing Road, the main road of Shiyan, surrounded by mountains and forests on three sides. A function hall, a large parking lot with 600 parking spaces, integrating business accommodation, leisure travel, fashion entertainment, and fine food.

2. Enrich business functions and create an ideal living space

“Charming business, quality model” is the brand concept of Accord Hotel. In addition to the quality of space design, Accord’s series of hotels also have conference rooms, banquet halls, VIP rooms, office areas, gyms, and swimming pools. Meeting and work needs, simple and comfortable, fast and comfortable, also make the business hotel show a unique life aesthetics.

Yunnan Dali Panye Accord Hotel, which will open in July, is 8-15 minutes’ drive from Dali Airport and Dali High-speed Railway Station. It has a 450-square-meter banquet hall, multimedia conference rooms, etc., equipped with multimedia equipment, LED screens, wireless broadband network; conferences During the period, meeting tea breaks and meeting meals can be provided to meet the needs of medium and high-end banquets and meetings at different levels.

The Accord Hotel, Guangdong Yangjiang International Financial Center is located at No. 666 Dongmen South Road, IFC Grade A Core Business District, Yangjiang. It is located in the prosperous business circle of IFC New District. It has 166 luxurious rooms, conference rooms, banquet halls, western restaurants, coffee shops, KTV, indoor heated swimming pool, fitness center, etc., light up your travel life.

Accord Hotel Shanghai Huagang

Accord Hotel Shanghai Huagang is located next to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. It has a variety of warm rooms. Each room will have a lot of meticulous latest technological equipment. The hotel has a cafeteria, various multi-functional meeting rooms and guest parking spaces. Advocating a new experience of high-quality business travel life, and the location of the core transportation hub, the Lake Hotel has a unique advantage in the development of the business travel market.

Business hotels are hotels mainly for business guests, and have higher requirements in terms of location, hotel facilities, and service prices. Although affected by the epidemic in recent years, the high-end business travel hotel brand is still resilient and irreplaceable after the big waves wash away the sand.


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