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Confluence Pricing and Miro Pricing – 2 Top PM Software 2022

In this comparison between Confluence pricing and Miro pricing, we’ll take a look at how the two compare as well as the features and pricing of each. We’ll also explain how each tool can help you achieve your project management goals.

Confluence pricing

Miro and Confluence are web-based software solutions for managing projects. Each allows users to share content, collaborate with team members, and create a single source of truth. Miro is an online collaborative platform that helps teams retain control of projects while working remotely.

Miro pricing and Confluence pricing each have an enterprise plan and a free plan. Both have features and limitations, but the free plan is more basic and allows up to ten users. Enterprise plans also include additional features for data analysis, including Atlassian investigation, information lake, and data connectors.

Pricing for Miro and Confluence varies based on your organization’s needs and preferences. Miro offers several different plans, including a free version for three users with unlimited team members. The free plan also offers premade templates and core integrations. The Team plan, priced at $10 per user monthly or $12 per month, is for teams of five or more. Enterprise users can also purchase a Miro business plan at $16 per user per month.

Confluence is cheaper than Miro and Airtable, with a free version for 10 users and a free trial. The paid version costs $100 per year. The free version allows users to create as many forms as they need, and all the fields are filled in. However, users are less enthusiastic about Confluence’s search function. Some users are frustrated that the search function doesn’t have contextual relevance.

Miro pricing

Miro is a free tool for personal use, but it comes with limited features. For example, you can only edit up to three boards at once. In addition, it doesn’t support video chat or custom templates. However, Miro has a premium plan for teams.

Miro also offers integrations with more than 70 popular solutions, including Zendesk, Dropbox, Google Suite, and Box. This feature helps teams work better together and enhance collaboration. Miro also supports iOS and Android devices and offers a free mobile app that allows team members to review boards, sketch ideas, and share feedback on the go.

Pricing for Miro varies depending on the number of users. For smaller teams, Miro offers a free trial. There are also several pricing plans for large teams. For example, a team plan costs $8 per month billed annually. The Business plan costs $16 per user per month and includes Jira integration. Alternatively, an enterprise plan costs $292 per year and comes with a dedicated customer success manager.

Premium plans offer more features, including enterprise key management, data governance, and security. Premium plans also allow users to share boards with external viewers and commenters. In addition, premium plans include advanced attention management, custom templates, and integrations. You can also choose a free trial if you’re unsure of the product or want to check out its capabilities.

Miro is a powerful collaboration tool for teams. Its customizable platform allows users to share ideas with ease and transparency. It integrates with key platforms, such as Slack and Notion, and allows for better visualization of ideas. Its pricing is also reasonable, making it a good choice for both enterprise and early-stage companies.

Confluence software

Confluence has a free tier for up to five users, while Miro is more expensive for large organizations. Both options have a range of features and pricing. While the free version of Confluence offers basic boards, it does not include features that are available in the premium version. Miro’s enterprise-grade pricing plan costs $14 per user per month, but it comes with additional features.

Miro is ideal for a variety of team activities, including brainstorming. It provides a flexible and intuitive environment for sharing ideas, and it integrates with Slack and Notion, so teams can share ideas more easily. This software can be adapted for teams of all sizes, from those working on mission-critical projects to those trying to foster a team culture. The enterprise plan also allows users to access a free trial to see what the platform has to offer.

Miro software is a collaborative workspace that helps organizations manage projects. It offers tools for team collaboration and allows users to share documents, notes, and resources. It can be implemented locally or in the cloud, depending on the user’s needs. Miro is a planning and management application that supports agile processes. It features an online whiteboard that allows teams to work together effectively, regardless of their location.

Miro and Confluence software are both excellent choices for project management. Both offer many advanced features. Confluence has a free version and includes a limited amount of storage.

Miro software

Miro is a great tool for real-time collaboration between multiple users. It’s intuitive and responsive, and it doesn’t require a large learning curve. It also comes with four different account types. Each one has its own advantages, so make sure to figure out what you need from it. For example, it offers a customizable workspace, sticky notes, and easy downloads of content. The software also enables you to integrate with more than 20 applications, including Slack, Dropbox, Google Suite, and Zapier. Moreover, it’s GDPR-compliant and has advanced user management.

Miro is also affordable for small businesses. It offers a free trial, and its basic business plan costs $20 per month for up to 50 users. An enterprise plan costs $292 per year and includes a dedicated customer success manager. It is ideal for companies that need to monitor the productivity of their employees.

Miro is a great tool for project management. It provides an online whiteboard platform that allows team members to collaborate on projects from anywhere. It is useful for virtual meetings, brainstorming sessions, and online storytelling workshops. The visual format is especially beneficial for creative teams. It includes features like mapping, diagrams, and Agile workflow visualizations. It also integrates with several apps and has solid security measures.

Miro is the #1 collaborative whiteboarding platform and is trusted by 13 million users. A cloud-based platform, it helps teams manage complex projects and communicate in real-time. It integrates with Atlassian and Microsoft Ecosystems, as well as Slack, Dropbox, and Sketch. In addition, Miro has an unlimited canvas and customizable tools.

Confluence demo vs Miro demo

Confluence and Miro both offer similar functionality for project management, but both have unique features. Both solutions allow you to track project progress and assign tasks to team members. However, Miro is more suitable for larger companies, while Confluence is best for small teams.

The Confluence free trial offers you up to 2GB of storage space. Both of these tools allow you to create collaborative workspaces with your team members. These workspaces let you track project activities, assign tasks, manage workflows, and capture ideas. They also allow you to invite other team members and partners and allow them to view and make changes as necessary.

Confluence is a cloud-based project management solution that enables team members to collaborate on documents and track progress. The solution supports both on-premise and cloud deployment, which makes it flexible for teams of all sizes. It lets users create and share collaborative content, including documents, product requirements, research reports, and user feedback. It also offers access controls so managers can limit access to confidential information.

Miro has powerful collaboration features for remote teams, including board chats, tagged comments, and voice and video calls. It is as intuitive to use as a whiteboard and can be integrated into your existing workflows. Miro also provides a single location for all of your data and documents, including images, videos, and documents.

Miro offers a customizable canvas that is easy to personalize. You can create unlimited boards with the drag and drop functionality. Miro also includes templates. It also allows you to manage projects and wireframes.


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