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Copy of scope of hospitality courses after 12th 


The Indian tourism and hospitality sector has emerged as a major growth driver for the Indian economy. This industry has recently gained popularity, particularly in India’s hospitality and tourism management fields. It has grown to be one of the most significant contributors to a state’s and country’s economic development. There are several best hospitality management courses that can help you. Similarly, the hospitality industry is inextricably linked to the travel and tourism industry. Both are inextricably linked. With a wide range of courses offered by India’s top hotel and tourism management colleges, it is critical that you understand these courses as well as the career path you intend to take after graduation.

Criteria for Hospitality and Tourism Management Eligibility

Candidates can review the admission requirements for hospitality management colleges in India. The eligibility criteria include academic percentage, total aggregate, subjects pursued, and accepted entrance exams.

Diploma Courses

A student can pursue a Diploma in Hotel Management after passing the class 10 exams. Students will be admitted to diploma programmes at some state-level colleges based on their performance in state-level diploma entrance exams.

Undergraduate Courses (UG)

To pursue undergraduate programmes in hotel and tourism management, candidates must have completed class 12 with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.

Entrance exams, such as the NCHM JEE, are required for BHM candidates. 

Postgraduate (PG) Education

Postgraduate programmes require a graduation grade point average of at least 45 percent.

Any three to four year bachelor degree can be followed by a Hotel Management course. A, BSc, B.A., or similar degree can be used to pursue a career in hotel management.

Through PG entrance exams, students are admitted to some of the best Hotel and Tourism Management schools.

Jobs and Professions

After completing the course, the student will be able to apply for jobs with major hotel chains such as the Taj group, ITC, Oberoi hotels, and the Hilton group, among others.In the merchant navy and aboard cruise ships, skilled personnel are in high demand. So, if you want to pursue a career in hotel management, it could be a good choice; however, choose the best institute because employment opportunities are generally better at the top institute. Girls can enrol in air-hostessing classes if they want to work in the hospitality sector.

Following completion of these courses, you will have numerous job opportunities in cafeterias, airline catering (flight kitchens) and cabin services, club management, cruise ship hotel management, hospital administration and catering,Hospitality services provided by the Indian Navy, forest lodges, guest rooms, resorts, and kitchen and catering divisions of railways, banks, armed forces, and shipping firms are just a few examples of the hospitality industry.

Courses in India for a Career in Hospitality and Tourism

We’ve already shown you how to get a job in hospitality management. The tourist sector offers a wide range of employment options. The hospitality and tourism industries have currently created a plethora of new job opportunities. Graduates of hospitality and tourism colleges in India and abroad have numerous career options. The following are some of the job opportunities and career paths available in the industry:

Travel Advisor

Hotel and Restaurant Management

The Club’s Manager

Tour operators

Event and conference organiser

Chef d’oeuvres

Administration of Catering and Hospitality

Airline Catering and Cabin Services

Recreational activity coordinator

Travel and tourism accounts for 9.8 percent of global GDP and is still growing. This industry is tough and adapts to changing consumer preferences. The industry is constantly evolving to become bigger and better, from tours to cocktails.

The monthly salary of a candidate can range from $15,000 to 30,000, depending on the internship sought and the years of training gained. Employers seek qualified candidates with relevant knowledge and experience. Hospitality and tourism careers aren’t all about soaking up the rays and having a good time on the job, but they’re also not always your typical nine-to-five office job. Taking an appropriate hospitality and tourism course after high school will thus help you land your dream job.

These are just a few of the courses available in the Hospitality and Tourism management discipline. Within the discipline, there are hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate courses available. Furthermore, as demonstrated by the above list, candidates will be able to pursue the discipline through a variety of degrees, including Arts, Science, and Management.

Hotel Management Colleges and Hospitality and Tourism Colleges

Hotel Management Colleges and Hospitality and Tourism Colleges in India offer hospitality and tourism courses. At the undergraduate level, the majority of hospitality and tourism degree courses in India last 3-4 years, with PG hospitality and tourism courses lasting no more than 2 years. Degree course duration will be determined by colleges that offer the courses in accordance with AICTE and UGC guidelines.

If you have any questions about admission to the Hospitality and Tourism courses, please fill out the Common Application Form (CAF) or call our toll-free helpline number 1800-572-9877. Candidates seeking information on Hospitality and Tourism Courses After 12th Grade


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