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Crystal Wine Glasses | Glassware You Need in Personal Bar

When you think about setting a personal bar at home, it’s not all about just displaying the bottles. Fitting glassware is also equally crucial for display purposes and enhancing the experience of your guests. You must be aware of the glass’s impact on the wine’s temperature. Are you aware of the effect of glass’s shape? Well, some glasses are designed to retain more ice, while others can add to the wine’s aromas. Thus, to serve wine properly, there is a wide range of options available, including crystal wine glasses. For detailed information, read out this post!

Types of Glassware

There is a huge variety of home bar glasses to pick from, so you can ensure that your guests are served perfectly. You can add further mentioned glasses to your wine glass set collection: 

  • Champagne Flute

Flute glasses have been an immensely popular and well-known type of stemware for years. These types of glassware have a soothing feel, making them pinnacle for aromatic drinks. These glasses can be used for carbonated drinks since there is less surface area for CO2 to flow out. 

  • Shot Glass

This type of glass is quite important for the glassware collection at your home bar. Whether you serve shots to your guests or make Vodka shots for yourself. Drinks that are meant to be taken in one shot are served in these glasses. Vodka and other strong beverages are not to be sipped slowly. Hence, these are served in shot glasses only. 

  • Single Rock Glass

“On the rocks” or “neat” high-quality spirits are served with single rock glasses. As opposed to a shot, the liquid that is meant to be consumed slowly with a leisurely pace is served in such glasses. While picking a single rock glass for the wine glass set, you should make sure that the glass has a large bottom to hold it comfortably for a longer time. 

  • Snifter Glass

The snifter glass is devised with a tiny stem meant to be held in one’s hand. Drinkers may experience a more specific cent as they sip from a bowl with an elevated volume and a narrower mouth, which possesses the smells. These types of glasses are mainly used for drinks like brandy and whiskey. 

  • Red Wine Glass

These glasses are intentionally used for red wine. The reason behind this is the capability of swirling and aerating the wine, thanks to a broader, rounder bowl. It might sound strange; however, in today’s times, red and white wine glasses have become a vital part of modern dinnerware sets

  • White Wine Glass

These glasses are pivotal for serving white wine since they help in preventing wine from oxidizing too quickly. These narrow-mouthed glasses are meant to preserve the white wine’s naturally lighter and more soothing flavors. 

  • Hurricane Glass

Hurricane glass is a type of glass that is shaped like a vase or a hurricane lamp but is frequently larger and wider in size and shape than highball glass. While arranging garnishes on the dish, the flared lip allows the fruity aromatics to take center stage. If you serve these fruity cocktails to your guests, hurricane glasses should be provided.

  • The Highball

The tall, straight highball glass is used to serve cocktails and other mixed beverages that contain a significant amount of non-alcoholic mixers. This glassware form is great for serving drinks on the rocks since it keeps the liquid chilled and the carbonation intact.

 In a Crux

After all the discussion, you must be familiar with the need for appropriate glasses for different types of drinks. To preserve the aromas of wine and serve the strongest drinks in a proper way, you can buy crystal wine glasses or any other type from the above mentioned. All your served related needs can be fulfilled at Bone & Brass perfectly.


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