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Electronic Pressure Regulator Valve – all you Need to know

Electronic pressure regulator valve devices have multiple benefits over mechanical regulators. The purpose of pressure regulators is basically to maintain the pressure of air or fluids coming from the outlet passage. The main feature of the digital pressure regulator tools is that they can keep the outlet pressure constant even if the inner pressure of the valve is not stable or low. The pressure of air or fluids coming in the valve often fluctuates which can affect the final output. This is why it is important that you use these electronic devices.

Using mechanical devices is no problem as long as accuracy and efficiency are not what you are looking for. But when you need a stable and accurate outlet pressure then you would need to use the electronic pressure regulator valve equipment. The electric pressure regulator uses to control and feedback signals to generate a close-open loop for accurate pressure control. There is no way you can get pressure management wrong if you are using these regulators.

What does an electronic pressure regulator do?

The main purpose of an electronic pressure regulator valve is to maintain constant pressure in a pneumatic or pressurized system where the inward pressure is not stable. The typical regulators were managed manually with a man wheel but that was not an efficient solution. Now what the electronic pressure valve does is use internal pressure transducers to create a closed loop control. They also offer feedback signals from the regulator control system to make real-time adjustments. These regulators are quite simple and efficient in their work. A fill valve and vent valve are used in the electronic pressure regulator valve system. Both of these valves are responsible for maintaining the output pressure. You can set the outer pressure by giving signals or feedback to the digital monitor.

When the signals tell the regulator to increase the pressure, the internal proportional vent valves would trigger up and enhance the pressure in the pilot chamber. Because of this pressure increase, the diaphragm opens up and the supply pressure turns into desired output pressure. The fill valve can contribute to changing the outer pressure. This system is basically used in the electronic pressure regulator for water equipment.

Common applications for the electronic pressure regulator valve

Here we have mentioned some of the common applications of the electric pressure regulator devices:

  • These are used to maintain and directly control pressurized air, gas, and liquids 
  • You can see the use of these valves in operations of small bore cylinders
  • There is a huge use of digital regulators in medical and lab equipment 
  • They can also be used for leak testing and to reduce the chances of any losses
  • You can also see the electronic pressure regulator valve used in the packaging industry 

There are different sorts of electronic pressure control valve devices which you can get according to your requirements and application. So choose the best one!


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