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Elevate Your Look: Tips To Wear An Outfit Like A Million Dollars

It seems that the extra time at home has allowed women to end up spending more time in front of the mirror, which is why many have become tired of always looking the same. But, if we are going to be locked up at home , why not make a radical change of look? Well let’s go there! Change brings new beginnings and new goals, therefore, giving your look a new air will allow you to close any negative circle in your life and start from scratch. There is no reason to fear changes, if you still do not dare just continue reading, we assure you that you will want to change your look right now.

At some point in our lives we all want and need a change of look, but many times we don’t know how to do it. But no more, just visit stylevore.com we will give you some tips that will help you do it like the professionals. Stop watching everyone do it and join the change!

Why make a change of look?

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Making a change of look goes beyond the simple fact of seeing ourselves different, it is about changing in the same way that our life is changing, or how we want it to change. Whether for happy or sad reasons, a change reminds us that there is always a new opportunity. If you still haven’t decided to take the step towards that new look, here are some reasons that will show you that you deserve it:

you will gain confidence

Maybe you’ve seen a shirt that you love but you don’t dare to wear it. A change of look implies wearing what you have always wanted, once you do it you will realize how you feel more confident and sure of yourself.

will transform your image

A slight change can transform your entire image. Leaving your bangs, wearing a skirt that you like or wearing those new notes that you love to work, can make everyone turn to see that change in your look. If you want to radically transform your image, it is recommended that you go to a professional beauty salon. In this way, the stylists will be able to evaluate your change depending on your hair type, facial features, skin tone, among others.

How to make a change of look?

When a woman decides to change her look, it is much more than an aesthetic decision. This is why you must be sure of the changes you make and not jump right in with any option, as you could end up doing something totally crazy.


By going with professionals you can try different cuts and colors, but if your thing is not exactly the hairdresser, leave these changes to the specialists. At home you can change your image just by making small changes such as:

  • Change side parting
  • use bangs
  • Try non-permanent dyes
  • use accessories
  • style it differently

Accessories and complements

These two options can have a tremendous change in your image, so if you don’t usually give it importance, you better start doing it. When you buy these elements make sure you choose those that go with your style, but are easily adaptable. Remember that the style is shown with the clothes, but it is perfected with the accessories.

prints and heels

If yours is to walk all day in sneakers, dust off those heels that you have stored in the closet and walk the streets feeling like a catwalk model. They do not have to be the highest heels you have, for day to day use wedges or clogs with which you feel comfortable.

Care your skin

If you have healthy and hydrated skin, everything you put on it will look spectacular. Highlight her natural shine with exfoliations and moisturizers that make her look smooth and radiant. Also, take care of your fingernails and toenails. Try the colors you never imagined wearing, make them a little longer or change their shape from round to square.


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