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Allopathic and Ayurvedic Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Available

Several men struggle with erectile dysfunction. Also referred to as impotence, this condition may develop with time. It refers to the state in which a man cannot obtain or sustain an erection, which is essential for performing and completing a sexual encounter. Regarding impotence, age is irrelevant; nonetheless, older men have a greater likelihood of experiencing it. Yet, with medical science advancements, several effective erectile dysfunction treatment options exist.

Furthermore, males with ED are likely aware of how tough it may be to manage this condition. Several things might influence this in the body. There are several causes of impotence, which may be physical or psychological. In reality, even significant and chronic conditions such as heart disease, renal disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol may cause impotence in males. Similarly, you should remember that anxiety, panic, sexual dissatisfaction, relationship issues, and stress may also lead to erectile dysfunction. If you are facing ED, consult a sexologist in Gurgaon immediately to find the underlying cause. 

Now, let us explore some effective ED treatments to address the condition.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options Available

The initial measure your doctor must take is to check that you are getting the proper medical therapy for any disorder that may be causing or exacerbating your erectile dysfunction.

Various erectile dysfunction treatment options depend on the underlying reasons and severity of your impotence and other health conditions. Your physician will discuss each therapy’s benefits and drawbacks and consider your choices. Then you will get the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

1. Medications

Erectile dysfunction tablets like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are among the most common treatments. FDA has approved these medications for treating ED. So these are phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, which increase blood supply for achieving an erection. They loosen the blood vessel walls in some areas of the body. Although they are generally helpful in treating erectile dysfunction, they are linked with mild and significant adverse effects.

2. Penile Injections

Penile injections comprise Alprostadil, an FDA-approved ED drug. So this is also the best medicine for ED. Further, this is your second option if the doctor finds you can’t take ED drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. The doctor will instruct you on how to administer these self-administering drugs. At first, you may need to visit the facility, yet over time, you can learn and use them on your own. Before 5 to 20 mins engaging in sexual activity, you must administer it. Further, you may use it three times each week if required. At most, 24 hours must remain between doses.

3. Vacuum Pump

These are hollow tubes equipped with a battery- or hand-powered motor. So you will place the pump on the penis. Next, with the aid of a pump, air may be evacuated from the tube. Further, it generates pressure that attracts blood to the penis. When you experience an erection, you apply a tension ring around the penis’s base to retain blood and maintain its position. The erection often lasts long enough for sexual activity, and you may remove the tension ring after sex. Penis bruising is a potential consequence.

Reasons To Prefer Allopathic Medication 

The primary reasons to choose allopathic therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment are its safety and effectiveness. The pills for erectile dysfunction have passed rigorous quality and effectiveness tests and are now accessible for use. In addition, these pills guarantee that you will achieve outcomes with no adverse effects.

Disadvantages Of Ayurvedic & Homeopathic Treatments

Over the past years, several research studies have examined the efficiency of ayurvedic herbal medicines and homoeopathic treatment. However, little is known about the optimal doses and possible interactions of these herbs with other traditional or synthetic drugs. Erectile dysfunction treatment with a combination of herbs may seem enticing, but results are not always foreseeable without first contacting a physician. Further, it also indicates potential side effects or risks associated with the long-term use of these substances, so it may be prudent to experiment with other herbal combinations to cure your ED.

Further homoeopathic drugs do not undergo rigorous testing, and the contents are not adequately disclosed. They may include substances that are dangerous to your health.

Is There Any Platform Offering ED Medications Online?

If you are looking for a reliable site to purchase medicine for erectile dysfunction, then Ohman offers FDA-approved medications. So after having an online consultation with our experts, you can choose the prescribed medication from the site. 

How To Order Medicines From Ohman?

Ordering medicines from Ohman is as easy as you are shopping online. So browse the medications from the page, add them, and checkout. You will get the medicines delivered to your doorstep with discrete packaging.

Can You Consume ED Medications Without Prescription?

NO! Consuming drugs without even a prescription is not safe. Although many drugs promise to promote sex life, they are harmful since they are not controlled. Therefore, you should avoid such promises and erectile dysfunction treatment alternatives. 


ED might signal any underlying health problem, like stress, obesity, or cardiac disorders. Therefore, regardless of the impotence reasons, you must examine yourself to get the proper therapy. For any assistance, contact the experts at IASH Gurgaon.


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