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Everything to Know About Mangal Dosha

Mangal dosha is one of the most malevolent astrological doshas present in Vedic astrology. It appears in the Natal chart of the person when the planet Mars would be placed in any of the houses like 7th, 8th first, 12th, 4th, or the second person having this dosh in the Natal chart is known as Manglik.

There is also known as boom Dasha, and the Manglik dosh represents the negative influences of the planet; Mars is one of the significant parameters considered when matching the horoscope of 2 people for marriage.

Still, the harmful effects of the mangal dosha affect the negative both before and after their marriage; hence elevation or complete elimination of this serious astrological imperfection is advisable, especially before a wedding.

Generally, a Manglik is most likely to be intolerant, aggressive, hot-tempered, and dominating in nature. An astrologer is your best bet if you want to learn everything about Manglik dosha. Some of the most common problems caused by Manglik dosha include delays in getting married, regular conflicts and fights between a married couple, difficulties in married life, financial loss, professional trouble, divorce, or any long-lasting disability of the spouse.

Some of the remedies for Manglik dosha in your birth chart:

Mangal dosha is present in your birth chart; it can lead to hurdles and troubles, especially in your marriage. It is one of the most feared astrological combinations present in the Hindu culture, as per astrologer in Mauritius. If you are going through Manglik dosha, you must fast on Tuesdays. Observing a fast on Tuesday will help you nullify the effects of mangal dosha, and you should eat only toor Dal on this day to make your fast more effective. It would be best to consider marrying another Manglik as one individual will help neutralize all the adverse mangal dosha effects.

It would be best if you considered changing the navagraha mantra as a Manglik devotee. You can also consider reciting the Hanuman Chalisa daily or the Gayatri mantra at least 108 times a day to eliminate Manglik dosha. Kumbha vivaha is also a good ritual performed when one person is Manglik.

As per the custom, the Manglik individual is first made to marry the people tree, and a silver or golden idol of Lord Vishnu is given. It is an excellent remedy to get rid of mangal dosh. The brilliant red-colored gemstone is also known as Coral and is associated with the Mars planet. You must wear only authentic stones to get rid of mangal dosh.

There are some things that you can offer or donate to please Mars. On Tuesdays, you can provide something like a dish cooked with red lentils, red coral knives, or red silk. It is an excellent remedy for mangal dosh. You should visit any navagraha dedicated to Lord mangal and perform pooja every Tuesday. 

Low mangal dosha

An astrologer in Kenya suggests that the position of the planet Mars in a birth chart will determine whether you would have low mangal dosh or significant mangal dosh; if Mars is placed in the first or the second, the 12th house native would have low mangal dosh where the negative effect would be murdered stop if Mars is positioned in the 7th or even the 8th house then you would have excellent mangal dosh in the Kundli.

If you have low mangal dosh, you should consider chanting Hanuman Chalisa daily; please, put your mangal yantra in your house. You must recite the om Ganpati Namah at least 108 times. It would be best if you did it early in the morning for maximum effect; you must observe fast on Tuesdays. It would be best if you decided to mangal Chandrika shloka before Durga.

Mangal dosha remedies before and after marriage

The placement of Mars in the Kundli will mainly impact your married life. Also, mangal dosha can always curse impact and problems in your married life, even leading to separation or divorce. It is the only reason you need to neutralize the mangal dosha impacts before getting married.

Some of the remedies for mangal dosha include matching after the age of 28 as the intensity of the adverse effects of Mars is reduced by that time. You should visit the hanuman temple every day, chant the mangal mantra, and decide on Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.

Consider feeding sweets and grains to birds. Don’t forget to donate red clothes and jaggery every Tuesday. Besides all the remedies, consider connecting with an astrologer who will help determine if you have a mangal dosh.


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