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Facial Biometric System: Safety Wall For Ride-Hailing

The development of the ride-hailing sector is transforming the methods of daily commuting. Carpooling options facilitate different riders by reducing their expenses. Nonetheless, the rise in external threats can demotivate stakeholders if protective measures are not taken promptly. A variety of drivers, various commute paths, and multiple number plates (without proper monitoring) reduce security levels.

The ride-hailing industry will reach a financial worth of around $230 billion by 2026. In this way, to provide a safe traveling experience, such companies must integrate facial biometrics within their pre-existing technologies. This approach will help verify drivers’ IDs while monitoring their behavioral patterns. The following article discusses various reasons for implementing the face identifier system to safeguard the commute industry.

Verifying the IDs of Drivers to Enhance Safety

Utilizing someone else’s automobile to earn some livelihood is very common in the commute industry. Nonetheless, it is important that the new arrival does not have any criminal background and has valid credentials. For this purpose, the transport regulatory agencies in the UK banned Uber from providing its services. Likewise, loopholes within the security protocols impact the safety of passengers, which demotivates them from using the service.

Ride-hailing service providers must implement intelligent facial biometrics to verify drivers’ IDs before they start their professional activities. Consumers worldwide have raised their voices at various times to upgrade security protocols. Such types of steps forced legislators to introduce stringent standards for commuter service providers. In this way, to ensure compliance with regulations, the ride-hailing sector should opt for the selfie verification system.

The utilization of AI-driven facial biometrics allows commuter service suppliers to validate drivers’ IDs to ensure the safety of all parties. Consequently, such progressive steps help prevent harassment and other criminal cases.

Making Facial Biometrics Systems Compulsory for Unbeatable Security 

Uber has been working to introduce face verification services to conduct background checks on drivers. In this way, the ride-hailing industry can develop a strong relationship with its clients and increase its profitability. In this way, Uber officials claimed that their drivers’ background checks are state of the art to guarantee safety.

To avoid permanent bans and heavy financial fines, Uber opted for the facial biometrics system to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. The process asks drivers to submit their selfies via smartphones. This is really important to prevent unauthorized access to vehicles.

Facial biometrics approaches have modernized the driver ID validation process by generating results in real time. In this scenario, Uber has the authority to suspend fraudulent accounts for in-depth investigations. 

Powerful Initiative from Careem

Careem is a top-notch ride-hailing company providing its services around the world in various countries. As a consequence of rising security complaints, Careem integrated facial biometrics systems into the smartphones of their drivers. In this way, the company was able to enhance customer satisfaction and mitigate safety issues effectively. The implementation of AI-driven face liveness verification systems generates instant results.

Careem has incorporated facial biometrics solutions to streamline the onboarding process. In the ride-hailing industry, trust from passengers is very important and they will reach their location safely without any issues. This approach is very important in securing a competitive advantage in the market and achieving profitability goals.

Top Advantages of Facial Biometrics 

The aforementioned commute service providers are under extreme pressure to comply with stringent regulations to mitigate prevailing fraud cases. Cybercriminals use sophisticated techniques to impersonate drivers’ identities to achieve their malicious goals. Adherence to guidelines is very important to fight fraud in this scenario. 

The utilization of AI-driven solutions provides instant verification with the help of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). After submitting a selfie, the system uses AI mapping features to produce results. The system also cross-evaluates the drivers’ identities to discourage high-risk entities from corrupting the system. Various advantages of facial verification are the following:

  • Families can use ride-hailing digital applications for the daily commute needs of their children. Facial biometrics solutions provide relief to parents as they can monitor drivers’ activities easily
  • Face identifier system facilitates the sector in developing a strong relationship with its clients. It happens by reassuring passengers that the driver is under continuous observation

Final Thoughts 

The execution of face validation and document validation systems can help service providers deal with compliance charges such as fines and bans. Ride-hailing industry must implement facial biometrics solutions to verify drivers’ IDs to provide a safe experience to users. Consequently, ride-hailing services can develop a strong relationship with their clients and achieve their yearly financial goals.


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