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Four Items You Need to Get Through Rainy Fall Days

Summer is already coming to a close as we enter the last few days of September in 2022. Leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and there’s just a little bit of a chill in the air. As with any fall season, the number of sunny and dry days is going to be limited here on out. This is no news, as anyone who lives in a climate with a fall season is very familiar with the rains that follow. That being said, there are a few essential items that will help you stay dry through the entire rainy season this fall. 

There’s nothing worse than showing up to work, school, or even a social event drenched and soaking wet from head to toe. It’s uncomfortable, it’s a little bit embarrassing, and it can completely ruin the mood. As such, prepare for the upcoming rainy days with these few items that will surely help keep you dry no matter where you’re headed or why. 

1. A Waterproof Rain Jacket

One of the first and most obvious rain-essentials that should come to mind is a rain jacket. Waterproof rain jackets are great because you can slip them on over any outfit you have. Whether you want to keep your cozy sweater nice and dry, or you’re trying to stay professional and don’t want your suit coat to end up dripping wet, a waterproof rain jacket can help you prevent all of that. 

There are other benefits to waterproof rain jackets too. For example, most come with a hood that can be pulled over one’s hair in order to keep their head dry and to protect their hair-do as much as possible. Not only that,  but most rain jackets have zipper-protected pockets that are also waterproof. These are great storage spots for your phone, wallet, keys, and other water-sensitive personal items you may be carrying. 

2. Waterproof Shoes or Boots

In addition to the waterproof rain jacket, you’re also going to want to add a pair of waterproof shoes or waterproof boots to your collection of shoe-wear as well. These will offer you the best chance to stay dry as you commute or travel through a rainy fall day this season. 

Wet feet are extremely uncomfortable, and worse than that can create the perfect environment for blistered feet. If you don’t have a pair of waterproof shoes or boots, you could very likely end up with sore feet that are blistered in places. Not to mention, that there’s nothing fun about the way a foot stuck in a wet sock and shoe smells at the end of the day. 

No matter which way you roll the dice, it’s imperative to keep your feet dry during the rainy season of autumn in order to maintain comfort all day long. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for any number of uncomfortable days that end with sore, throbbing feet. If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you, it’s highly suggested that you get yourself some waterproof boots for this upcoming wet-season. 

3. An Umbrella can be Handy

Rain jackets and boots will help keep you mostly dry in mild-to-moderate rains. However, when the clouds really start to open up, you’re going to want more protection than a measly rain jacket. This is where full umbrellas can be extremely handy. Umbrellas are a great way to protect yourself from heavy rains and keep yourself dry from head to toe. Of course, umbrellas are most effective when used in concert with the other accessories mentioned, like rain jackets and waterproof boots. 

If you know you’re going to be out and about for the day, check the forecast. If rains are called for, grab your umbrellas and make sure you have them ready to go in case the sky opens up. 

4. Cozy Clothes

You likely won’t be spending every single rainy day of autumn outside out and about, or walking around. Rather, there may be some afternoons that you’re inside with nothing to do but watch and listen to the rain. 

For these days, you’re going to want a wide variety of comfy and cozy clothes to choose from in your closet. Oversized sweaters, skin-hugging yoga pants, knee-high-socks, and maybe even leg warmers to go with. Whatever feels warm, cozy, and comfy to you can make a fall rainy day inside, all that much better. 

A few Final Thoughts

With fall upon us, there is undoubtedly rain coming our way. Grab your umbrellas, prepare your rain jackets, and get yourself a new pair of waterproof boots in order to stay dry during days you might just get caught in the rain. Don’t forget to grab some comfy-cozy clothes while you can, too, for those days you’ll be inside on the couch with hot cocoa or tea, and a book to read while the rain pitter patters down. 


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