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Healthcare Website Design

There are many things to keep in mind when creating your healthcare website design. Include a patient testimonial section and HIPAA compliance. Make it easy to schedule an appointment. You can also include a live chat feature and a simple navigation bar. Having these features on your website will improve the user experience and drive traffic to your site.

Patient testimonials

Patient testimonials are an effective way to demonstrate the value of your healthcare services. These can be written or video testimonials. They can also be converted into specific quotes or success stories. Video testimonials can be shared on social media, and a dedicated page can be set up on your website to showcase the most powerful testimonials. Monitoring the web for these testimonials and other organic mentions is also a good idea.

Patient testimonials add a human touch to a medical website, helping to win the trust of potential patients. They also serve as social proof, which bolsters a company’s image and reputation online. Research has shown that eighty-one percent of patients read testimonials on healthcare websites before making a decision. Patient testimonials are also a great way to improve search engine rankings.

Live chat

Putting live chat on your healthcare website can help your practice connect with prospective patients in a timely manner. This type of interaction helps you build trust and a relationship with your patients. A recent study by Techjury found that medical practices that offer live chat to patients are viewed as more trustworthy by their visitors.

While live chat can help your practice, it must be implemented appropriately. First of all, you must ensure that you stay HIPAA compliant. You cannot simply use SMS to communicate with your patients; the Joint Commission has ruled that SMS is not secure and can be a HIPAA violation. Further, native texting apps are not considered HIPAA-compliant.

Simple navigation bar

Healthcare website designs should be easy to navigate. Adding a simple navigation bar on a healthcare website can make it more user-friendly and streamline the web development process. For example, the website of Good Shepherd Healthcare includes a navigation bar with buttons that highlight the important pages. This website also incorporates useful widgets such as a web accessibility widget and Google Translate.

Healthcare websites are often heavy and take a long time to load. This is not a good sign as people visiting these websites are impatient and often looking for solutions to their immediate needs. It’s estimated that healthcare websites can lose visitors in the first five to seven seconds if they’re too slow to load.

HIPAA compliance

One of the best ways to ensure HIPAA compliance on your healthcare website is to implement secure online forms. These forms can help protect PHI and prevent data breaches by using secure, encrypted data. You should also consider using a business associate agreement (BAA) with your hosting provider. Finally, you should use a secure email server when sending any emails containing PHI.

A HIPAA compliant website can make you appear more trustworthy to patients and ensure the security of their personal health information. If your website is not designed with security in mind, the most important step is to hire a web designer with experience in HIPAA compliance. By hiring a professional with experience, you can rest assured that the end result will be secure and compliant.

Good Shepherd Medical Center

Good Shepherd Medical Center website design uses subtle design elements to make it easy to find information. There is a navigation menu, featured articles, and social media live feed. Additionally, the design incorporates web accessibility features to make the website accessible to people with disabilities. The homepage also incorporates an interactive map and live counter.

This website design is effective in communicating the benefits of the services offered at Good Shepherd Medical Center. The site highlights news and events, and has real photography of the facility. It was built using a healthcare theme from Morweb. The theme is customizable and can be used for other clinics.


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