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How to Have a Perfect Garden for Your Outdoor Space

We’ve gathered a step-by-step guide to help you transform your backyard. No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, you can create an appealing & greenery garden. 

Step 1: Clean Up Your Lawn

If you were to look out your window, it would likely be your lawn. Remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a rectangle; instead it can be a circle, an oval, square, or oblong shape. To finish the task, you will require the appropriate tools to maintain your lawn.

These days, people desire gardens that look like they are “of nature” rather than the more obviously constructed settings. You might wish to let your grass grow long rather than cutting it short to have a glimpse of natural wildlife gardens. 

Step 2: Plan Your Planting

The garden layouts begin with structural plants that are packed with attractive flowering plants. Go with evergreen shrubs at the end of each border which might include little shrubs such as box balls or giant evergreens like mahonia (in larger spaces).

Fill up the spaces with attractive flowering plants or hanging plants after you have this frame. Just five or six different varieties should be used, and they should be arranged in recurring patterns to create a coordinated and unified impression. The ideal border depth is one meter or more, which gives you ample room to place shorter plants in the front and taller ones in the back.

When selecting flowering plants, aim to select some ‘out of season’ performers so you have colour throughout the year. 

Step 3: Opt For Mature Trees

Mature trees serve as an anchor for shade sails, pendant lights, and hanging decorations in addition to providing sun glare reduction.

If you live close to a busy road, trees may also aid in filtering noise and air pollution or screen an unappealing view. They also have a large positive impact on ecology, producing oxygen in the air and providing shelters for birds.

A rising trend is the planting of multi-stem trees. These trees can be an architectural showpiece; thanks to their ability to blend in with their surroundings.

Step 4: Beautiful Paving

Your garden’s overall design can be strongly influenced by the colour and layout of your pavement. For example, a French country style can be achieved with white or grey stone laid in a random pattern, a sleek and modern design can be achieved with silver or black paving organised in a regular pattern, and an English country style can be achieved with a golden stone laid in a mixed pattern.

Detail-oriented work is essential if you want to have an enchanting garden centre. By matching your plants to your preferred pavers, you may create a stunning pattern. Consider this:

Purple and white blooms look fantastic with grey or white stone.

Strong hues like red, orange, and yellow look excellent against black and silver paving.

Softly coloured flowers like pink, lavender, and pale yellow pair well with golden pavers.

If you are looking for eye-catching hanging basket plants to make your outdoor space look extraordinary, then The Jungle Collective is your final destination. Visit their official website to gather more information! 


Following the above instructions carefully will help you create the stunning garden centre you have always dreamt of for your backyard/lawn.


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