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How to Use Cream Chargers to Get High?

If you are a resident of Australia, then there is a good possibility that you have heard quite a bit about nangs. However, if you haven’t experienced it before, there is an easier method to learn about it, and that approach involves whipped cream. If you like the flavor of sweet, fluffy whipped cream, then it is imperative that you be familiar with the term “nang.”

In Australia, nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers are referred to as “nangs,” which is a name for a slang phrase often used in the country. To be more exact, whipped cream bulbs are often meant to be referred to as Nang Delivery or Cream Chargers in common use.

They are also often referred to by the slang term “whippits,” which is another name for “whips.” The brand “Whip-it” has a lot of name recognition. When referring to nitrous oxide chargers, the term “nang” may be used to refer to any brand of charger, including those made by iSi and Mosa.

Using Cream Charger To Get High

Cream Chargers are nothing more than little metal bulbs in the shape of cylinders that are filled with a nitrous oxide gas. The most popular use for Cream Chargers is in whipped cream siphons, which typically hold around 8 grams of food-grade nitrous oxide and have a metal cover to keep it airtight.

Each 8-gram nang weighs around 25 grams and has dimensions of 0.43 centimeters by 6.35 centimeters. On the other hand, one must be careful not to mistake it with CO2 soda bulbs, which are widely used in the manufacture of carbonated drinks as well as the functioning of airguns.


Underage users are capable of abusing Cream Chargers in the same manner that they are capable of abusing any other drug. Nitrous oxide gas that is present in the cream charger is extracted to consume which gives the euphoric effect for a short amount of time. Multiple amounts of cream chargers are needed to consume to extend the effect.

Even while physical dependence on nitrous oxide is not particularly severe, chronic users of nangs have a greater risk of developing emotional reliance on the substance. This has the potential to be very dangerous not only to the user but also to others in near proximity to the user.

Other Usage of Cream Charger

If your motive is good, then Cream Chargers are the appropriate component to use in order to build the perfect whip cream. Additionally, Cream Chargers include antibacterial qualities, which significantly contribute to the cream being delectably fresh for a longer period of time. The use of nitrous oxide gas, as opposed to mechanical whipping, is the perfect culinary addition for generating the finest and yummiest whipped cream you’ve ever tasted.

This is because the use of nitrous oxide gas allows for more air to be incorporated into the cream during the whipping process. Many of the best chefs in the world have Cream Chargers on hand in their kitchens so that they may provide their customers with wonderful desserts. This enables them to impress their customers and to grow their market much higher.

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If you are looking to buy cream chargers, you can place an order with Nangs Delivery for the highest quality and healthiest nangs, which are regarded as being of premium quality; we will bring your order to your doorstep in a short amount of time. Our delivery service is very fast and open 24/7. So even at midnight, if you are craving whipped cream, you can call us for cream chargers and we will deliver it right away.


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