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Top 10 importance of essay writing

Writing is a very important part of our history and lives as humans. There are several benefits of writing, but in this article, we have selected some of the top 10 importance of essay writing.

It may interest you that people have been writing essays and papers since the Greek and Roman eras. We have always sought ways to tell our stories, share our ideas, and keep records through writing.

In our world today, essay writing forms an important part of our degree programs and academic work. Some people may consider it irrelevant, but it has so many benefits that it creates, which we will discuss in detail later.

However, before fully understanding the importance of essay writing, you must know what an essay is, including its structures and categories. 

The next section gives you a brief introduction to essay writing, describes the structure of an effective essay and presents you with an interesting fact about essay writing that you may never have known. 

Let’s dive right in together…

Introduction to Essay Writing

Below are some things you should know about writing an essay.

What is an essay

An essay is a piece of writing on a specific topic that aims to present the writer’s point of view, share an idea, express an opinion or emotion, and communicate with others. 

It is believed that the word “essay” is derived from the French verb “essay,” which means “to try.” WHO originally knew the word to mean “an attempt” or “a trial” in English.

However, the word began to take on a new meaning when Michel de Montaigne (a Frenchman) described his writings as Essays. It was his way of writing his work as “an attempt” to write down his thoughts. 

Classification of essays 

Essay writing is classified under two broad categories, namely:

Formal essays

Informal essays 

1. Formal Essays:

These essays are also referred to as impersonal essays. These are often written in corporate settings and may require research, facts, and evidence to back them up. Some formal essays are written in the 3rd person voice or point of view.

2. Informal Essays:

Writing informal essays may not require as much research as formal essays. Essays like this can also be referred to as personal essays and are often written in the first person point of view. They can be subjective and conversational, and the author may freely express his/her opinions without necessarily providing evidence to prove them.

Structure of an essay

To guide your essay, the structure of the essay, sometimes called the form of an essay, is often broken down into three parts:

· An introduction 

· The main body

· Deduction 

1. An introduction:

This is where you introduce your topic, provide your reader with background, and provide a thesis statement if you have one. The introduction of an essay usually contains;

· A hook

· background

· Thesis statement

2. The main body: 

Writers often use the body of their essays to express the statements or ideas in their introduction more clearly and broadly. When writing an essay, you can use the body to explain core arguments, provide clear analysis, and present evidence to support your claims. It is recommended to start each paragraph of your essay body with a topic sentence.

3. Deduction:

After you’ve exhausted your points and explanations in the body of your essay, you’ll need to wrap everything up. A conclusion helps you combine your main points and clearly show the conclusions you want your readers to draw from your essay.

What are the benefits of essay writing?

Below is a list of the top 10 importance of essay writing:

· Make you a better writer

· Improve your communication skills

· Acquire research skills

· Essay writing enhances creativity

· Essay writing is useful for professional and employment purposes

· Broaden your knowledge base

· Essential for academic success

· Help you become more aware of your choices

· You make better decisions

· Think smarter.

Top 10 importance of essay writing

Do you think about the general importance of writing skills? Read these top 10 importance of writing and find out for yourself. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of essay writing.

1. Make you a better writer

It is said that practice makes perfect. That statement applies to writing essays as it applies to other things. Writing essays will help you improve your writing skills, produce better papers, and improve your college score.

If you write essays regularly, you can start to discover new ways of writing, new writing tips, tricks, and new strategies.

You become able to structure a clearer argument and write persuasively.

2. Improve your communication skills

As long as we live among people, we will always have to communicate our ideas, feelings, and desires to others.

Essay writing helps you develop the ability to articulate your thoughts clearly and express them in the best possible way. It is believed that great communicators have a greater chance of getting what they want and becoming successful.

With essay writing, you learn to structure your thoughts in words, developing your ability to communicate better.

3. Acquire research skills 

Most essays require you to research to find facts and evidence to defend your work. In finding these facts for your essay, you begin to pick up essential research skills to help you in other areas of your life.

Essay writing will help you find accurate and reliable information from the vast amount of information on the web.

4. Essay writing improves creativity 

Some essay topics can cause you to stretch your mind to find creative ways to deliver them. It contributes to your ability to reason and come up with creative ideas.

You can start looking for new information, a new presentation style, and other creative ways to make your essay come out well. All these activities will help you discover new aspects of your creativity that you never knew you had.

5. Essay writing is useful for professional and employment purposes

Essay writing involves a lot of information gathering, analysis, and research. These activities are also useful in professional organizations.

For example, marketers will need to provide reports, programmers will need to prepare documentation, and other professionals may need to send letters.

This can come in handy if you already have a previous background in essay writing.

6. Broaden your knowledge base

Writing has a way of helping you see things more clearly. As you research for your essays, you become informed about topics you had little or no knowledge about.

You begin to see certain connections, and you begin to have a better understanding of certain topics and concepts.

You can also get essay assignments in fields in which you are not knowledgeable.

As you research, everything becomes clearer, and you learn more about the subject than you knew.

7. Essential for academic success 

In our educational institutions today, writing is one of the core aspects of everything we do.

This is important if you want good academic grades to fulfill your educational aspirations. Students aware of this use essay writing services to help them pass their projects and/or assignments.

8. Help you become more aware of your choices.

Let’s say you had a specific opinion about a topic on which you were asked to write an essay. As you gathered information, you became aware of what the subject entailed and began to see the cracks in your previous opinion.

This is exactly what essay writing can do for you. This can help you see why your opinion on a particular topic may have been biased or uninformed.

9. You make better decisions 

The research skills you pick up from writing essays will help you make better decisions. You will learn how to use research to guide the decisions you make.

Research essays guide your mind to decide on the most plausible and reasonable options and thus teach you how to choose the better option from a list of other conflicting alternatives.

10. Think smarter

Some people mistakenly believe that essay writing should only be for people in the arts, language studies, or writing. When you begin to develop an essay with your outline, you will learn how to choose the best approach to your essay. You will naturally start to think smarter as you delve deeper into topics.

As you do this consistently, you will begin to see beyond surface-level understanding, and you will begin to engage in critical thinking.

Frequently asked questions about writing essays 

1. What is most important when writing an essay?

Your thesis or argument. The main argument of your essay should be written with logical facts, proof, and evidence. Develop a persuasive argument and convince your readers with a persuasive thesis.

2. What are the important parts of the essay?

An essay’s three main parts include: •The introduction. •The body. •The conclusion. Outlining before you begin writing can aid you in determining how to correctly structure your essay within these sections.

3. What are the important uses of writing?

Writing is an important part of our lives and history. There are several uses of writing, but some include •Communication, •Keeping Records, • Storing information.

4. What purpose does writing serve?

Writing has so many purposes. However, five purposes stand out. They are; 

1. Persuasion. 2. Information. 3. Entertainment. 4. Explanation. 5. Record keeping.

5. What is the purpose of essay writing?

Essay writing can serve so many purposes. However, the main purpose of essay writing is to present an opinion, idea, or argument in response to a topic or question and present evidence that convinces your readers that your opinion is correct or reasonable.


You can learn many soft and hard skills from your essay writing projects and activities. This article has only outlined ten importance of essay writing, but there are other benefits that we have not discussed.

Writing essays can be tedious and difficult, but it pays off if done properly and with a purpose. Many software has recently been developed to help people become better writers and make writing fun.

The article has been written to assist you, and we hope it helped. Find other helpful suggestions and blog posts.


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