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Improve Blood Flow: How to Increase Blood Flow and Circulation

Several conditions can cause poor blood circulation. For example, some diseases can lead to poor blood circulation and can cause many complications in your body. These conditions may include obesity, diabetes, peripheral artery disease, smoking, etc. When your blood flow is reduced, you may experience certain types of symptoms. These symptoms may vary from person to person.

Some unpleasant conditions can be caused such as muscle cramps, numbness in hands and feet, digestive issues, etc.

Some athletes want to boost blood circulation which can help to better blood flow. Poor blood circulation may also cause symptoms and make you sick. Your doctor may ask for a blood cross-matching test. You can check online about blood cross-matching test costs.

Some foods can help to improve the blood circulation in your body. Experts say that eating those foods regularly can help to improve your blood circulation.

Let’s find out what foods you should eat.

Foods to Improve Blood Flow

1- Pomegranates

One of the best fruits means pomegranates are very beneficial for overall health. They contain high content of polyphenol antioxidants and nitrates as they are potent vasodilators.

The juice of the pomegranates means that it will help your blood flow and oxygenation of the muscle tissues. Its juice helps to keep you active and also fulfills many essential nutrients in your body.

Pomegranate juice can also help reduce the soreness during or before losing weight. It also helps to deal with muscle damage and inflammation in elite weightlifters.

People who are diagnosed with poor blood flow and experiencing some severe symptoms should try pomegranate juice on a daily basis.

2- Cinnamon 

One of the most beneficial ingredients in the kitchen is cinnamon with many health-related properties. It is a spice that increases blood flow. There are some studies in animals that show clear results of how cinnamon boosts the blood flow in the coronary artery which carries blood to the heart.

In humans, cinnamon use can help to reduce blood pressure and relax the blood vessels. It will promote your heart health by boosting blood flow.

3- Garlic 

Yes, garlic leaves a positive impact on circulation and also promotes heart health. The sulfur compound in garlic promotes heart health. Sulfur compounds including allicin can help to boost the tissue blood flow and also reduce blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. A diet that is high in garlic is associated with boosting blood flow. People with coronary artery disease should consume garlic powder as it contains allicin. It improves blood flow.

4- Beets 

You may notice that some sports persons take supplements in beet juice. Yes, it is beneficial for your overall health. Beet powder is also a safe option you should try. They are high in nitrates that let your body convert into nitric oxide. Its consumption relaxes the blood vessels and also boosts the blood flow to the muscle tissue.

In older adults, the beets can improve the oxygen flow and blood flow and also resolve circulatory issues. If you still experience poor blood flow, visit a hematologist in Lahore.

5- Fatty fish

There are omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish which are excellent and provide many essential nutrients to the body. It improves circulation and also increases the nitric oxide release that dilates the blood vessels and boosts the blood flow.

These omega-3 fats inhibit platelet clumping in the blood. It is a process that leads to blood clot formation.

People who do not like to eat fish can also take fish oil supplements which are associated with a reduction of high blood pressure and boost the blood flow in the skeletal muscle. It can help after or during exercise.

6- Cayenne pepper

The spice flavor in the cayenne pepper comes from capsaicin which is a phytochemical. It enhances the blood flow to tissues by reducing blood pressure and boosting nitric oxide release.

Some research also supports the positive effects of cayenne pepper on improving blood flow.

7- Tomatoes 

Best veggies like tomatoes are also good for your overall health. You can eat veggies like tomatoes that reduce the risk of the angiotensin-converting enzyme that leads to the blood vessels to control the blood pressure.

8- Berries 

Berries are also beneficial as they contain high content of antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. These leave a positive impact on the blood flow. People who experience chronic inflammation can lead to damaged blood vessels and increased blood pressure.

There are some tips too that you should try to improve the blood flow, such as:

  • Increase physical activity: physical activity like exercise can help to improve blood flow.
  • Smoking: It can cause many chronic diseases, even life-threatening. It also affects your blood circulation.
  • Lose weight: both conditions overweight or obese can affect your blood flow.

Make sure that you discuss with the doctor if you have any such issues.


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