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In Dynamics 365, what is Customer Insights? Everything you need

Meta Description – Dynamics 365 microsoft customer insights is a data broker that brings together data from many different sources. This lets you map, match, layer, combine, and improve data about customers…

Dynamics 365 Microsoft customer insightsis a data broker that brings together data from many different sources. This lets you map, match, layer, combine, and improve data about customers. A traditional way to look at performance and trends is to combine information from multiple points of sale (online or in-store) with information from customer support software like Freshdesk. You can also divide your data into groups based on activity indicators and demographics that you set. This lets you see activity from a number of different platforms that points to a loyal customer. For example, if someone rents jet skis without a reservation several times when it’s cloudy or rainy, you could give them a discount to encourage them to keep doing it and get them to tell their friends.

Some Clarification

Before going any further, it’s important to know which of the Insight apps this post is about. If the word “Insights” is in the name of a Dynamics 365 product, you can be sure that it is an AI-powered tool. Having said that, Dynamics solutions can be made better with three key Insight products. Dynamics 365 microsoft customer insights Service is a customer-focused platform that offers self-service and guided scenarios across multiple channels, meeting your customers wherever they are online.


All of the consumer contact data, including transactional, behavioral, and data downloaded from popular sources, is put together on a single platform using connections that are already set up. Diverse client data is converted, standardized, and made the same so that it fits the Microsoft Common Data Model. Other corporate apps that use the API may immediately trigger personalized client interactions, notifications, and automations. Artificial intelligence and bespoke machine learning forecast client intents, resulting in proactive involvement. Connection to Power Apps enables you to develop one-of-a-kind solutions based on Customer Insights data. Customizable indicators and key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as a direct link to Microsoft Power BI, give you a deeper and more accurate understanding. GDPR, as well as all other privacy and data protection laws, are followed.

Potential Capabilities

Microsoft customer insights will soon get more connections to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, which will let it add customer sentiment and feedback data to customer profiles. It will also get new AI features, such as machine learning templates that are ready to use right out of the box and better integration with Azure Synapse Analytics for advanced analytics. And as cyber security becomes more important, more new features will be added to help with data governance and loss prevention. For example, there will be rules about how to categorize, label, and protect data based on how sensitive it is.

Does it work for you?

The end-to-end applications in the Dynamics 365 product suite are meant to be easy to understand and use even if you don’t know anything about data sources, databases, tables, or fields. On the other hand, Microsoft’s “insight” tools are made for people who are technically savvy, like data technicians who know how data is structured and how it is linked.

Deliver great experiences to customers based on the big picture.

As Microsoft customer insights Gold Competency Partner, we can help you choose the right licence and build the right data structure. We can also help you come up with a technology strategy that will allow you to maintain and update your system after it has been set up. We work hard to make sure that your data helps you in the way and place that you want. And we think our customers get the most out of what we do when we help them help themselves as much as possible.


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