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Learn About The Types and Features of Pipe Cutters

Pipe cutters are indispensable equipment for laying and replacing pipelines for any purpose.

  • For small amounts of work, you can use portable pipe cutters, they are in demand not only for cutting pipes but also for edge processing.
  • If high-precision processing of many rolled pipes or massive thick-walled pipes for oil pipelines and heating mains is required, then a stationary pipe cutting machine will be required. Cutting non-standard pipes or pipes of large diameter is carried out with simultaneous processing of the edges of the pipe for subsequent connection of joints.

Types Of Pipes Cutting Machines


A pipe beveler is special equipment that cleans and grinds the edges of pipes and holes. Stationary chamfering machines differ from conventional chamfering machines in their increased dimensions and functional purpose. Such machines are in demand for:

  1. Preparation of a chamfer, with the help of a hermetic docking of a steel pipeline.
  2. Removal of excess chamfer from the edge of the pipe, grinding of roughness, cleaning of burrs.
  3. Pipe trims.

Disc cutting machines

The equipment is used for cutting and cutting steel, cast iron, and iron pipes with a diameter of up to 152 mm. Unlike orbital pipe cutters and band saws, cutting pipes with disc machines is much faster and does not require subsequent processing of the edges. Varieties of disk cutting machines: column-type machines, manual semi-automatic devices, automatic lines for cutting pipe blanks. These are most commonly used for medium-level pipe cutting work. All types of cutters are used for different levels of work, so choose accordingly.

Orbital cutters

Orbital pipe cutters handle both plastic pipes and thick-walled stainless-steel pipes equally quickly. The high cutting speed and the function of quick adjustment to the desired diameter make this type of tool efficient and versatile for processing pipes for various purposes: sewer, water, gas, oil, etc. Orbital pipe cutters can be equipped with combination cutters for simultaneous cutting and chamfering.

Pipe band saws

These units are used for cutting pipes made of steel, cast iron, black iron, and alloys. Cutting can be performed regardless of the product’s wall thickness, the cut’s length, and the number of bends. Depending on the material of the pipe on the unit, the cutting speed is selected. Varieties of band saws: portable, two-column (for perpendicular cuts, with a movable table, for cutting at an angle, for cutting pipes with a three-roller concept), semi-automatic cantilever, gravity.

Gas cutting machines

This equipment quickly and efficiently cuts steel and metal pipes of various sections using an oxy-fuel mixture. The salient features of these machines are:

  • Extra clean pipe cut
  • The possibility of cutting pipe structures made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cast iron, stainless steel
  • The ability to operate in various planes
  • Getting different cuts
  • The possibility of cutting pipes according to a template, including obtaining the same parts of pipes in several copies.

Manual and automatic pipe cutters

Depending on the principle of operation and operating conditions, the following types of machines are distinguished:

  • A guillotine-type device using high pressure. The cutting tool with high precision cuts the pipe with virtually no burrs.
  • Thermal cutting machines. These units produce pipe cutting under the influence of high temperatures.
  • Cutting machines. This equipment is often used to cut a small-diameter pipeline.
  • Grinding machines. The principle of operation of the equipment is based on grinding off a part of the pipe and obtaining an accurate cut with smooth edges without chips or burrs.


If you want to get the right pipe cutter, you need to understand the various types available and which one you need to get as per your requirement. Also, make you understand their features properly as the work scope should rightly fit in for pipe cutters.


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