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Life Things You Can Learn from Snakes & Ladders

There are different kinds of games that remind you of your childhood. Of course, where in the past, you used to play so many board games offline, these days you can find the digital version of the same. Talking about the snakes and ladders game, it is a traditional Indian board game. 

Many times the progression of a player up the board from 1 to 100 showcases the journey of life when the snakes and ladders signified the vices and virtues throughout the journey. So, this post is going to get you a quick idea about the certain life things that you can learn from this amazing game online. The way you can find 8 ball pool online, you can find these board games too!

We all know a game “Snake and Ladder”. Our childhood favorite game. But very few people can correlate what this game teaches us all about. I think most of the people have never thought of learning from this game. It teaches us everything about life in our childhood itself which relate to the thought process of every set of people in the pursuit of life.

Classify your Goal

You know what; the aim in the game is pre-identified for you. It is quite clear that to win; you require reaching one hundred. Those who have played this game might have realized that how concentrated you stay in the game to simply reach one hundred, in spite of getting any sort of ladder or getting even stung by any snake.

Virtues and Vices

The game has been understood and used as a tool for teaching the impacts of great deeds versus bad. The ladders represent virtues such as the overall generosity, faith, and even humility, while the snakes signified vices such as anger, lust, murder, and theft. As in life, the game displays that the number of ladders will always be less than that of the number of snakes as a cue that a path of good is a lot more challenging to tread than any path of sins. In spite of this, you must glue to this.


To sum up, whether you check out Gamezy Fantasy cricket app for the game of cricket and all other sorts of games or any other platform; the point is you should play this game of snakes as well as ladders for not just fun but even learning!

People who win the game after so many ups and downs think about both obstacles and a way to reach the final destination. They try to avoid obstacles but at the same time, they pay attention to both snake and ladder and try to find a way to get success. These people sometimes come down because of obstacles they think about and sometimes they go up because they search for the ladder to overcome the obstacle. These people reach their goal slowly with a lot of issues, failures but become successful finally for sure in their life.

The worst scenario is about the people who always think about failure even before they start a game. These people can only see their obstacles, rather they are always afraid of obstacles in the game and loses their concentration to find a way to reach the final destination of this game. On the game board, these people always think about what if they get down because of some obstacles in their next move, what if they never get a chance to lift themselves towards goal. The same thinking happens to them even in their daily life. They give up just before they start playing the game and they focus on the negative side of anything before working on it.


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