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Meditech Vs Amazing Charts: Top EMR Software in US

Meditech is a software that helps healthcare institutions to manage their day and provide better customer and patient care. All types of healthcare institutions can use this software to manage their day, such as charting, revenue management, and scheduling.

Amazing charts can be used by small and large practices as well as single practitioners. It provides office flow, charting, e-prescribing, and patient portal. It increases efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Here is a quick comparison of Meditech EHR versus Amazing Charts, based upon their pricing and user reviews.

Meditech EMR

The Essential Features

Revenue Cycle Management

Meditech’s Expanse revenue cycle was created with front-to back integration in mind. This allows you to create a complete patient story for every claim. This collects all the relevant demographic, insurance, and clinical information necessary for prompt billing and collection. It does not matter if patients are at the ED or in the office. Don’t reject claims. Verify insurance information and obtain authorization notifications when you first contact a patient.


MEDITECH’s integrated homecare solution can be used to support patients throughout their treatment. To ensure patients are well-cared for, you can offer a customized experience at home by using telehealth, hospice and home health.

Meditech’s mobile homecare software allows field staff and aides to view their patient data and access their schedules from anywhere. Any smart device with a web browser can access the user-friendly solution. The solution’s structure, integrity checks, and simplified documentation tasks enable assistants to create more precise plans-of-care documentation.

Critical Care Tools

Meditech also provides Critical Care tools to make it easier for patients to access their data. You can view and edit patient data from one screen. The flowsheet allows you to manage IVs and titration without needing to visit the MAR (a medical administrative records). You can track and view the patient’s data, including reports and test results as well as doctor notes.

Meditech EHR pricing

Every user has the ability to customize Meditech EMR  pricing according to their practice and how many patients they have. To receive an accurate and relevant quote, you can also provide information about your product needs.

Meditech EMR Demo

The Meditech demo online is available for users who want to find out more about the specifications and how it fits into practice requirements.

Meditech EMR Reviews

Meditech EHR reviews give a general overview of the product. They show that it is simple to use and has a simple interface. The Meditech practice management software can be learned quickly.

Amazing Charts EMR

The Essential Features

Management of Revenue Cycle

Amazing Charts (revenue cycle management) is a fully integrated RCM system that can take care of all your billing needs for a much lower cost than third-party billers. There could be an increase in collections and a higher proportion of first-time claim payments. Patients and insurers will have shorter waiting times to be paid. Advanced claim scrubbers make sure that clean claims get sent out the first time. Payer accomplishments are periodically reviewed to identify areas for improvement.

Practice Management Software

Amazing Charts’ CareTracker Practice Management lets you electronically verify eligibility, spot late claims, quickly spot claims, and find coding issues before you submit claims.  Although, the Dashboard Front Office Command Center also functions as a virtual assistant, monitors all data and sends alerts to you when there is an urgent need. This allows you to spend more quality time with your patients.

You can view unpaid cases easily to make sure that any unpaid claims are handled quickly. This will prevent them from becoming major problems. Intelligent technology offers interactive dashboards based on roles that automatically prioritize tasks across all departments within your company.

Electronic Health Records

Amazing Charts EMR provides chart features that can be used to manage EHR. You can access summary charts, lab findings, and summaries of past interactions with just one click. This allows you to ensure that the information is not repeated in documents.

This simple reporting tool allows you to create complex questions in a step-by process. It also includes pre-set questions. To manage your practice, you can also use the e–prescribing and scheduling functions as well as the patient portal.

Amazing Charts Pricing

There are two subscription options available for Amazing Charts EHR pricing. The electronic health record plan costs $199 per month for each clinician. Each clinician will pay $299 per month for the practice management plan.

Amazing Charts EMR Demo

The demo will let you see all the capabilities of the software.

Amazing Charts EHR Reviews

Reviews state that it presents complex data in a simple view making it easy to find.

Last Thoughts

Amazing Charts and Meditech software offer basic tools like workflows, reports and appointment scheduling. They also have portals, patient portals and portals. Both can be used to support small- and medium-sized medical companies due to their flexible plans. The Meditech EHR, while more costly, is better suited to large-scale medical businesses. Amazing Charts can be used by any medical company, but it’s better suited to startups. Meditech also supports a greater variety of specialties, making it easier for physicians to manage their health and well-being.
Users interested in the feature need to be able to contrast them to understand their function and decide if they fit with their practice.


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