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Oven Built-in From Kumtel Maintenance

The kitchen is where you spend most of your time at home. Kumtel sets now replace all the stoves and ovens used in the past in the kitchens. The oven built in makes food preparation both more accessible and enjoyable. It makes the kitchen decoration attractive with its stylish appearance.

Built-in ovens are placed in a specially adjusted section within the kitchen counter or cabinets. Its functions, colors, and materials are produced in different models. Built-in ovens are generally made using metal or glass materials. In each designed model, attention is paid to the comfort of the user and the production of solid materials.

Built-in Oven Models

Built-in ovens are ovens that also have a stove section. This way, it provides the practicality of using both the stove and the oven. There are approximately 14 product models among the oven built in models. One of the features of the Inox model is that the inner glass can be removed for cleaning. It has a grill and three different cooking functions. Turbofan built-in oven model features include four cooking parts.

It is aimed to save energy in all models produced and to provide customer satisfaction with less energy expense during use. Products purchased by Kumtel are guaranteed for 24 months.

Kumtel Maintenance

It is essential to clean the space-saving and aesthetically pleasing built-in ovens properly. The longevity of electronic goods is due to periodic cleaning and maintenance. The products used in the oven built in maintenance should be made with the right products that will not wear the outer appearance of the oven.

If there is residue in the oven or any odor when it heats up, it is time to clean the oven. An incorrectly used cloth or chemical cleaning agent will scratch the oven’s surface. You can easily clean your oven with the recommended cleaning materials and methods. The company, which designs a built-in range that will constantly adapt to the kitchen, will add an extra order and decorative image to the beautiful appearance of your home. The company’s customer service is available at https://en.kumtel.com/hobs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for all product users.

When buying an oven for your kitchen, it’s essential to know the differences between different types. For example, you should know the difference between a Freestanding oven that includes a hob and a Built in electric single oven. You should also be aware of the different sizes available for these types of appliances.

Built-in electric single ovens

There are many brands of built-in electric single ovens on the market. The top ones include Bosch, Frigidaire, Miele, Whirlpool, and Viking. Choose a model that best suits your cooking needs. Considering the features and size will help you find the perfect oven for your kitchen.

Electric single ovens are very convenient. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and do not require much counter space. Whether you cook a lot of vegetables, bake cookies, or roast a chicken, an electric single oven will make cooking easier for you.

Built-in double ovens

There are several types of built-in double ovens available on the market. They can be either gas or electric, although the latter is more common these days. These ovens come in various sizes, from compact to double and from single to 90-cm high. They are usually 60-cm wide and 55-58cm deep, which makes it easy to install them into standard kitchen cabinets. You can also buy extra-wide 90-cm versions, but the selection is much smaller.

The built-in double oven is a modern kitchen appliance that integrates seamlessly into your kitchen. They are suitable for family cooking and entertaining. While there are built-in models that stand 90cm tall and are eye-level, there are also smaller versions that are hidden under the counter.

Freestanding ovens with a hob

Freestanding ovens are available with four to eight burners, as well as various features, such as warming drawers and storage spaces. They’re a great option for traditional and classic kitchens, and their design allows for easy access from any location within the kitchen. You can also easily transport them from one place to another, allowing you to use them wherever you want to cook.

Freestanding ovens also come in a variety of sizes and colors, adding an interesting design element to your kitchen. A built-in oven, on the other hand, is built into a kitchen cabinet or wall. Unlike freestanding ovens, built-in ovens don’t have a range of functions, which means they require a separate hob. They can also be available in different cabinet designs, including tall tower models, short base cabinets, or tall towers.

Sizes of built-in ovens

Built-in ovens are available in a variety of sizes. Some are small, and can fit into an ordinary sized kitchen. Others are more massive, with chamber volumes ranging from 20 to 160 liters. Choosing the right size depends on the needs of the household and the cooking technology. Standard ovens operate at a temperature of 200-250 degrees Celsius, while some models can reach as high as 500 degrees.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can choose between a single or double oven. Double built-in ovens feature two ovens stacked one atop the other. This allows for separate cooking temperatures, which is especially beneficial when preparing large meals. The lower temperature of one oven can cook meat while the higher temperature of the other oven can be used for casseroles. Professional kitchens often use double built-in ovens to accommodate large quantities of food.


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