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Revolutionary SEO practices to boost your rankings

SEO is the revolutionary practice that most company websites need. It helps generate more organic traffic. It also helps create an immersive and enticing web page experience, improve brand awareness and keep your prospects informed about it. One should consider an on-page, technical and off-page SEO to attain all these benefits. 

Following are the practices one should incorporate in their SEO to boost their rankings-

1. Expanded user experience

For excellent lead generation and conversion, an immersive user experience is necessary. It is essential to create a long-lasting impression and improve the appeal of your site. One should keep a modern aesthetic and a horizontal scrolling structure to keep their leads glued to the website for a long time. 

A navigation structure is also to be considered as it will help improve the user experience and allow the prospects to find the information or products they want on the site. If you do not have a desirable UX, your page will not rank high on the search engine SERPs. One should also ensure that their website has no errors. This will encourage the leads to stay longer on the site.

2.     Focus on user and search intent

SEO’s primary goal is to satisfy the user’s search intent completely. Each time a user tries to search a specific term, they expect relevant results; if any irrelevant signals the search engine, the ranking on the search engine will dip. 

The search intent types include informational, commercial, transactional and navigational. Every option is structured to address the preferences and needs of the consumers. Following are the four main benefits of focusing on the user’s search intent-

  • Better lead conversion.
  • Positioning the brand as an authority.
  • Fulfilling needs.
  • Boosting brand awareness.

3.     Premium-quality content

 Informative articles and entertaining videos play a huge role in this entire process. Changing the way one informs about their prospects can transform one’s income tremendously in the long run. It is crucial to focus on competitive keywords and long-tail niche terms. 

Many people appreciate visual content. One can enrich their articles and blog posts with captivating images and videos. Live videos might also come in handy in boosting organic traffic. Refreshing the existing content will also help in this pursuit. It is crucial to ensure that the content is appealing and that it has the potential to convert leads.

4.     Digital campaign across various channels

One needs to be updated in this ever-evolving world. Investing in a digital marketing strategy will help one improve their success and brand awareness. However, one must craft their digital marketing strategy to suit specific target audiences, messages and branding.

One should utilise various channels in their SEO strategy from their social media handle to their websites. One should consider an Omni-channel approach which means they need to meet their target audience. 

5.     Focus on the core web vitals

It is essential to understand how your website works as it could help you re-strategize the SEO campaign. A comprehensive core web vitals report will indicate the performance of your page based on the field data. The information will also show how users experience your site, highlighting satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

One needs to focus on three elements- interactivity, visual stability and loading. A perfect web page should load within a relatively short time. It should practically load within three seconds. 

Excellent visual stability will assist keep the majority of visitors on your site. One should make sure that their web page is appealing and easy to use. The webpage should have an interactive interface to engage customers.

One should also pay heed to mobile-friendliness, safe browsing and no intrusive interstitials. All three elements help one improve the conversion rate in the long run.

6.     Start building your expertise, authority and trust.

It is essential to showcase your expertise and build trust with the customers that are your target audiences. It is imperative to build confidence for a long-lasting business with them. Many people make use of on-page SEO services. It is also known as on-site SEO. It is the process of optimising the given content on your website. It is the search engine optimization service that improves the visibility of the website. These services will focus on keyword research, content creation and header tag optimization.

7.     Make the content user-friendly.

Content is the only way you can connect one-on-one with your target audience. The content should be appealing, and it should be such that the target audience should relate to it.

Hence, the content should be user-friendly.

8.     Switch to HTTPS

It is important to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Security is one of the most crucial step and you should take care of it beforehand.

9.     Align your content with specific keywords

To enable customers to find you, you should first need to understand what they want from you. It is imperative to know your customer’s journey.

Following are the types of SEO keywords one should look out for-

  • Words that trigger your ads to appear.
  • Words that are relevant to your business.

Mentioned below are the best practices for discovering new keywords that are relevant to the product and the business-

Think like your customers

It is essential to describe how your customers think of your products or the service category. 

One should not simply anticipate search queries that potential customers might enter.

Be specific but not too specific

One should only use the right amount of detail.

Highlight well-known brands in your offerings

One should include the name of a popular brand that they sell.

Use multiple keywords or keyword phrases

One should use several keywords or keyword phrases about the same topic, and they should not use keywords about unrelated topics that give only partial information.

10. Use linking strategies

When using linking strategies, there are two types of linking to take into account-

Internal linking

These links point from one page to another on the website. These are very important as they help Google understand the structure of the website and allow the user to navigate the website. Mapping your website navigation and having links that direct to other pages that support the content on the original page. 

The website menu is an internal link because it has information for all of the pages on the website. 

External links

The external links give search engines more opportunities to find your site. Because your site is being referenced, it automatically gains a higher search engine ranking. 

Use title tags and meta tags

Title tags are clickable headlines that show up on SERPs. These tags give users an insight into your content and how relevant it is to their search query.

A title tag is the primary source of information that helps the users decide which result to click on. One can create title tags by using target keywords.

Meta tags are the summaries that appear under the title tags on SERPs. These descriptions should be short. However, they should have enough information to make the user inquisitive.

These tags should be kept relevant to the page and one should use them as an elevator pitch to convince the user that the content will meet their search requirements.

11. Research your competition

One should research the keywords that the competitors are using to improve their rankings. 

Researching your competitors will help you understand the changes you should implement on your website to rank higher and better than your competition.

12.  Increase your website speed

One can boost their website speed by following the below steps-

  • Reducing unnecessary code on your pages and simplifying it.
  • Reducing the server response time.
  • Compressing the images on the website.
  • Enabling browser caching- If the content is cached, the browser bypasses the server and then it is being loaded instantly from its cache.

13.  Design a responsive user experience across devices

One should design the website to give an ideal experience across devices. The users should not notice any information loss if they switch from a laptop search to a mobile phone search. The information should be saved. 

14. When you try to use images, see to it that they are vector format image file

The vector format images scale better and give you a better image quality on multiple devices. 

15.  Optimise your images

When there is a load time, images tend to be the biggest drain. One should make sure that they optimise images for page speed and user-friendliness.


Making an SEO check list of the items described above and checking them off would be the first piece of advice.

The ideal approach, though, is to design your own method and adhere to it. either you or your entire business.

Create guidelines and a strategy, then always abide by them. Make a procedure. The secret to success is that.

 These are some techniques one should follow to boost the SEO.


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