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Apply These 6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Rigid Boxes!

Custom rigid boxes need to have a certain appeal to them because they are not only packaging for your product, but they also serve as protective factors against shipping, transportation and weather conditions. It is because of this crucial reason that you must create strategies that are necessary to improve your rigid boxes. Read on to find out 6 secret techniques to improve your rigid boxes!

Creative Shapes and Designs for Rigid Boxes

One way to add a fun touch to your custom rigid boxes is to add diversity through creative shapes and designs. Having a versatile collection of different shapes and sizes gives you an edge in the competitive market because you are inherently catering to the needs and demands of your customers.

You are giving them the option to choose from various sizes and shapes, according to their preference. This will not only give you a marketing advantage but also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. This will also result in an increase in your rigid boxes wholesale! Your sales will increase because you would be offering variety.

Prioritise Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be the priority of any business as it is the core factor that ensures long-term customer retention and brand loyalty. You can use various techniques to improve your rigid boxes, such as giving free giveaways along with your product.

Or you could add little trinkets such as keychains and heartfelt cards inside the packaging so when the customer opens it, they get surprise and feel good by the sweet gesture. This will further increase your brand image because you will be leaving a positive lasting impression on the individual.

Use Unique Surface Finishes for Rigid Boxes

Another way you can improve your custom rigid boxes is by using attractive coatings and finishes to give them a classier and more luxurious look. This will ensure that customers are pull towards your product and captivate by it enough to genuinely buy it. You can use finishes such as matte, gloss or spot UV. The matte coating will give your rigid boxes a more concrete look, whereas gloss is the perfect fit to add that sparkly touch to your packaging. You can also indulge in gold and silver coatings for your luxury goods.

Add a Magnetic Closure Design

You can give your custom printed rigid boxes a more appealing touch while simultaneously increasing their usability, by adding magnetic closure designs. This will add value to your product because individuals can reuse the packaging later as it is easy to close and there will not be any fear of the packaging opening because it will be close by a magnetic design. Customers will feel more compelled to buy your product because they are benefitting not only from the item itself but also its packaging.

Make Rigid Boxes Colorful

Another clever way to improve your packaging and make it noticeable is by playing with colors. Make your rigid boxes more attractive by combining different shades and hues to produce a thing that is beautifully design. Colors impact you on a subconscious level. Colors are what adds beauty to the world itself.

A dull packaging will not attract anyone, however, vibrant colors would and they are highly crucial for custom printed boxes. Not only this, but you can also add embellishments to your packaging such as beads and glitter. It would give your product and packaging that kick it needs to be noticeable. You must know the consumers’ psychology.


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The planet seems to be slowly dying. In order to stop this damage, it is our duty to do our part. Therefore, going green is the best option. Use soy-based inks instead of traditional colors and ensure that your production waste is less. This will also increase your custom boxes wholesale as many individuals are going for more eco-friendly products.


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