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RXNT EHR: Best Medical Billing Software Choice for Hospitals

RXNT EMR software is easy to use, but still offers advanced administrative features. Since its inception, the company has been providing intuitive software to make healthcare operations more efficient. This software is ideal for small- to medium-sized healthcare organizations.

It is simple to use

RXNT Medical Billing Software allows physicians to track and file claims. It allows them to create financial reports and other administrative tasks. The software also comes with a mobile charge capture app that allows doctors to input codes directly from their tablets. It reduces the number of rejected claims, and automates claims tracking. It is user-friendly and cost-effective.

RXNT EMR  software, which is cloud-based, manages all aspects of the claims process. This makes it simple for even the most experienced medical billers. You can also get US-based training and support. It also improves financial performance by reducing errors and collecting faster. The software provides real-time reporting and a dashboard to monitor billing activity.

RXNT’s EHR has an easy-to-use interface that allows patients to check their balances and communicate with them. Secure document management and customizable patient encounters are some of the other features offered by this system. RXNT EHR software has been MIPS-certified. This software can be used to help healthcare providers adhere to government regulations and improve patient care coordination. The Patient Portal allows patients to view their lab results and sign documents.

Claims scrubber

RXNT’s Claims Scrubber software reduces rejected claims by flagging errors that allow the practitioner to submit it again. Practitioners can also create customized reports that can be sent out to insurance companies using the Claims Scrubber feature. There are four pricing options available for the scrubber, which can be used by medical billing departments at all sizes.

Claims Scrubber is a time-saving tool that streamlines the claims process and speeds up reimbursements. The scrubber flags claims with errors and allows practitioners to make necessary changes. This reduces rejected claims and increases FPAR. It is easy to use and provides easy-to-read reports in spreadsheet format for each claim.

Claims scrubber is an excellent addition to RXNT’s medical billing software. This tool allows you to track patient balances and the out-of-pocket money each patient has. This information is especially useful for collecting from payers. Patients don’t always pay for services. It’s therefore important to follow-up with patients to collect the debt. RXNT medical billing software is designed to help billers and reduce the time it takes to pay.

Patient data sharing

RXNT, a healthcare company that provides medical billing software , is an healthcare organization. RXNT does not offer medical billing services. It does offer cloud-based and customized software. You can reach their customer service representatives if you have any questions regarding their software. They can guide you through all the features of their software.

Healthcare providers can use the company’s EHR solution to automate their clinical workflows and manage patient information. Secure document management, integration with patient portals, and e-faxing are all features of this solution. It is portable and easy to use by staff and physicians. They can access it from any location with an internet connection.

RXNT offers several packages including the PM Solution and Full suite. The Full Suite is $150 per provider per month, and allows unlimited claims. The Full Suite package includes an EMR system as well as e-prescribing capabilities. You can purchase it on a monthly or annual basis. RXNT EHR offers a monthly subscription at a 10% discount.

Platform cloud-based

RXNT provides comprehensive healthcare IT solutions, including an integrated medical practice management system (EMR), and patient engagement tools. The software ecosystem allows medical coders to easily track claims and pay in one, integrated environment. Other features include centralized office reporting that keeps users up to date with client productivity, revenue, monthly write-offs, and client revenue. RXNT EMR offers powerful dashboards for denial management and claims scrubbers that help to reduce rejected claims due billing errors.

RXNT’s scrubber flags errors and gives practitioners time to correct them. This reduces rejections and speeds up reimbursements. RXNT’s scheduling software is another feature that helps busy cardiologists schedule appointments and allocate resources. RXNT Billing software also includes a patient portal, which allows patients to pay their bills online. It also offers flexible payment options.

RXNT’s integrated approach is another feature that makes it the best medical billing tool for doctors. RXNT is cloud-based and integrates electronic medical records, patient engagement support, and telehealth sessions. Although RXNT is full of positive features, there can be a slowdown in the system at peak times. RXNT’s customer support team is responsive and helpful.


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