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Sales Training For High Value Products

Sales training for high-value products can be tricky, but there are several different methods that can help you improve your results. Mandel Interactive Training, for example, focuses on communication skills and presentation. It can also help you assess your prospects, identify new products or services that can add value to their lives, and cross-sell.

Cegos offers sales training for high value products

Cegos is a leading global training and professional development company. It uses its 4REAL(c) learning methodology to create engaging courses for salespeople. The courses focus on customer experience and the sales process. Using this approach, Cegos has trained over 250,000 people each year in 50 countries.

Cegos provides sales training for a wide variety of high-value products and services. The company’s training services are offered in both open courses and customized training solutions. Its innovative training solutions have earned Cegos international recognition and many international awards. It was recently nominated for the Training Industry Top 20.

The company is headed by Hartmut Johnk, who studied business management in France and Germany and worked for several large companies in sales and marketing. He has over 25 years of professional experience in sales and marketing, with particular expertise in strategy performance projects. Since 2007, he has been co-founder and co-owner of Cegos, a leading training and development company in the global market.

The company uses digital and remote closing academy for sales training. The program is available to sales professionals in eight languages and four continents. It helps salespeople build skills, develop new attitudes, and improve sales techniques. The company also provides post-graduation reinforcement and follow-up training.

Mandel sales training focuses on presentation skills

Mandel is a global leader in technology-driven communication skills training for business professionals. It provides customized content and flexible technology solutions that prepare people for effective communication and collaboration. Its proprietary approach to business communication has helped professionals improve their business results since 1993. Sales professionals can take advantage of Mandel’s training programs to develop communication skills that can enhance the success of their business.

AIDCA promotes question-based selling

The AIDA acronym is often interpreted to mean “AIDA with commitment before action”; however, this is an imperfect interpretation. Although Commitment is implicit within the Action stage, the addition of Commitment makes the acronym less elegant and flexible. The addition of Commitment to the AIDA acronym also makes it less applicable to two-way communication, such as in the sales process.


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