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Seven of the most well-liked escape room themes and goals 

While there are hundreds (or maybe more) of exciting and unique escape room themes to choose from, there are some that lie the closest to our hearts, from those games where you have to break out of prison to those where you need to send back the walking dead to their realm, the world of escape rooms continues to evolve every day.  

But even so, a few escape room dc themes continue to rank as the favorites of escape room enthusiasts. This article has compiled seven of the most well-liked escape room themes and goals. So, people who are looking for immersive escape room theme ideas here’s your treasure: 

Mystery-themed escape room 

Mystery-themed escape room games generally revolve around a plot where players need to play the role of a detective to solve a mystery. These escape games are perfect for people who love the detective stories of Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot.  

Usually, these games place the players in the centre of action where someone has committed a murder recently. Players need to use their brains like Holmes or Poirot, find the clues, and solve the murder mystery to escape the room! However, mystery-themed escape rooms can take versatile forms outside the murder mystery narrative.  

Fantasy-themed escape room  

With several crazy worldwide fans of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or even Game of Thrones, many escape rooms often take up the idea of opening up fantasy-themed spaces! Your fantasy-themed escape game can provide a movie-style experience straight from the narrative of Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. However, if you want, you can also feature your original fantasy-themed history for the game. 

You can take your players on a journey of Wonderland with Alice or through the epic narrative featuring King’s Landing! Fantasy-themed escape rooms are a hot favourite of young adults and teens. So, for escape room ventures that wish to target such players, building up a fantasy-themed escape game is a great choice.  

 Science-themed escape room  

Nerds and science buffs like Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. will fall for the science-themed escape room games. You can build your games in diverse forms to offer an intricate journey through the world of science. Players may have to conduct a particular scientific experiment after gathering a few essential items and saving the world.  

You can also have your players trying to escape from the laboratory where a particular rogue scientist is about to conduct a deadly experiment! Regarding science-themed escape rooms, you can use the periodic table as a valuable cipher to decrypt the codes in the game.  

Horror-themed escape rooms 

Escape room enthusiasts have a unique space in their hearts that remains reserved for horror-themed escape room adventures. These kinds of escape games are only for brave souls to venture forth. Often many escape room companies may design their horror-themed escape games after being inspired by a particular horror film.  

The S.A.W. series and several other movies have inspired different horror-themed escape rooms thriving in the world today. However, you can also find several escape games that feature their original plot. With spooky audio effects, horror-themed escape rooms will make your spine feel the chills!  

Futuristic or technological-themed escape rooms  

Science fiction is yet again a popular genre of escape rooms that several players love playing. With the help of virtual reality technology, these futuristic escape rooms have become even more immersive and realistic than I could have ever imagined!  

In these escape rooms, escape room ventures also use touchscreen puzzles, holograms, and several other latest forms of technology. The game’s plot usually follows players trying to save the world from a dystopian future or fight a deadly disease. There is no end to the kind of games you can come up with in this genre!  

Seasonal-themed escape rooms  

You can also come across several escape room ventures that different season-inspired escape room games. For instance, you can spot a few Christmas-themed escape room games during Christmas. You can find a spooky Halloween-themed match in the escape rooms near you during Halloween! 

Major holiday seasons in the year tend to give birth to seasonal escape room themes that range from Easter to Halloween or even Christmas! These games can be the perfect getaway for family reunions or a gala night out with your friends during the holiday season. 

Prison-themed escape room games

Breaking out of a prison in time without getting caught is another popular theme you can spot in several escape room venues today. Players have a simple task assigned to them in these games.  

All they need to do is break free of prison. Are most of the prison break escape rooms, the majority of the action takes place inside a dingy-looking prison cell.  

These are the seven most loved escape room themes and goals that players enjoy. For escape room startups, it is always best to understand their target audience before choosing a particular theme. So, get going and start building your immersive escape room experience World news!  

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