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Solved – Why Internet Speed is Not Slow it is Dead

When the internet is extremely slow it feels like death, whether we are at home or office it feels like all screws of the head are ready to drop from head simountaneously. There can be a lot of reasons. But we are up with many troubleshooting tips to help you out.

Assess your Bandwidth.

If you have multiple devices then it’s a rule that we need more bandwidth for streaming videos. In case your Internet Service provider has considered that you are using a lot of bandwidth then he can keep throttle your bandwidth. In that case,you will need to call your service provider. You need to re-negotiate your internet plan with your internet service provider. If you think he is not able to do anything and just give you nun reasons, then immediately change your ISP.

Shoot The Malware

If you feel that you have enough of the internet plan and everything is good with ISP. Then you need to check whether you are not up with the Malware and viruses. As this issue is like it cannot be admired by you, As some pop ups will come and once you touch them they will immediately get downloaded at the back end of your system. But you can get that off this issue just by disabling the antivirus app you have downloaded once by mistake.

Ethernet Wire is Not Plug-in Well

In case you are unable to form an internet connection yet your ethernet cable needs to be blamed. The cord might not be connected well. If the cord is partially connected then it may also result in shaky connection.

What to do:

Firstly, you need to check whether the ethernet cord is well or not, connect it then unplug it, wait for a while and then again put it back. As you have checked, see whether the issue is resolved.

Note: In case there are WiFi dead spots in your house or office, you can use a Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup to diminish the issue.

Tweak Your Router Location

If you are feeling that the location of your router is not proper then you can actually try to change the location of your router. And make sure to place at a centric location. Here is the reason why? Because sometimes you place the router at a certain place where there might be no range of the signals, or there might be constant variation because of the router’s bad location.

As a result, keep the router possibly away from the thick walls, wooden doors and aluminum almirahs as well. Never keep the router directly on the floor.

Restart Your Router Back With All The Lights

If nothing is helping, then you just need to restart your router. As sometimes it can be a connection issue from the back end. So just power off your device and restart after almost half a minute and then turn it on back.

Now see if there is an orange light on your router. If the light is orange, it means that the connection is totally partial and it will take some time to connect. But if there is a red light on the router then it means there is no connection formed.

Green light denotes the router is about to form a connection with any device. Also, it blinks during the Wavlink Extender Setup.

Blue light is the sign of a strong connection and your internet is back at full speed now.

Try to Position the Antennas Perpendicularly

If you like placing the antennas try to place one horizontally and on perpendicularly, as most of the laptops and PCs are designed like that, they catch the signals vertically. But if the system is designed horizontally then it would take it from a horizontal angel. So, place the router antennas simply perpendicular to resolve 80% of the issue. As a result, the signals will not face any disturbance in spreading in every direction.


We hope this article is fully informative and helps you troubleshoot your queries. If you think you still have doubts then re-read the article once more.


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