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Swimming training of lifeguard certification – 3 steps to get started

The solution to this problem may be swimming, or more specifically with Lifeguard certification swimming training. Because although many do not see swimming as a real “sport”, it is actually one of the most popular in Denmark (number three right after football and gymnastics), and you burn an incredible amount of calories. It is also possible to make the swimming training completely different from time to time, so that it is never the same over and over again, even though for many non-swimmers it is “just” swimming back and forth in a larger swimming pool, but that is actually much more about it. I will make you understand that below. It is also really cheap to get started with swimming training, just some swimwear and a pair of swimming goggles, which you can find at DK’s cheapest prices and the largest selection here, you too are in the running.

That’s why you should even consider swimming training

Swimming training is good for many things. You probably just don’t realize it.

Firstly, it is really good conditioning training . You get your pulse up very quickly during the actual swimming, and this can happen in less than 20 seconds if you really exert yourself. In addition, you also use your whole body during swimming, including especially all the large muscle groups, which means that your body must use much more oxygen, which ultimately improves your oxygen uptake and thus your fitness.

Secondly, it is almost essential to be able to swim even roughly here in Denmark. With water all around our country, as well as an incredible number of lakes in the middle of it, it is just a necessity that you can also swim. And that is probably the biggest reason why you should learn to swim longer distances, because it can simply save your life if you suddenly come across something. In fact, drink approx. 37,000 every year in Europe, which just underlines the importance of being able to swim just about.

In addition, swimming training is just really good for the joints. Because when you swim in water, the weight of your body dissolves and you become almost weightless, which means that your joints are not stressed nearly as much as when, for example, running and cycling. Therefore, swimming is also generally very good for anyone who has problems with joint pain.

The best way to get started with swimming training:

Join a swimming club

Some prefer to swim alone without a coach when the local swimming pool with Lifeguard certification is open anyway, but it is therefore a clear advantage if you join your local swimming club from the start. In this way, you get both an organized training program for each training session, which ensures that you get something out of your training and that your technique is continually adapted, you have some fixed training times that you can adapt the rest of your life to, just like you don’t get to to swim completely alone, which gets boring quite quickly otherwise.

Get the right swimming equipment bought

Without the right swimming equipment you won’t get very far, but in reality you don’t really need much at all. In addition to a bathing suit or a pair of swimming trunks, all you need is a pair of swimming goggles, if you don’t already have such a pair. You don’t actually need more for a start, while you can later expand with different swimming equipment, such as flippers, pullboy, swimming snorkel, swimming plate and a pair of finger paddles. You can read more about all this and much more in this detailed article on the use of swimming equipment .

Find a swimming partner to swim with

Just like with running, everyday life also hits quickly, and without a training partner, it sometimes becomes difficult to get off to swimming training. That’s why you should find someone in your circle who would also like to get better at swimming, and also burn a lot of calories. It could be your lover, a family member or a friend. But it’s just as important to maintain continuity in swimming training, because you don’t learn to swim in a few hours. It requires regular training.

I hope you were able to use these three relatively easy steps so that you can get off to a good start with your swimming training. In any case, I’m sure you won’t regret it.


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