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Symptoms & Causes of borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder is also a type of mental health condition in which there are many mood swings. And interpersonal relationships of a person are unstable. Those persons who are affected by borderline personality disorder, anger and emotions are regulated so much in them and their behavior is also so much dangerous and even sometimes it becomes so dangerous that they may harm themselves. Instead of facing these difficulties of BPD, a patient should take proper treatment for the betterment. In this article we will tell you about the symptoms and causes of borderline personality disorder. After knowing symptoms and you feel these symptoms in yourself or any other person of your family or any friend, then immediately alert them and yourself and go to anxiety doctors near me to get treatment.. 

Symptoms and Causes

Some symptoms and causes are listed below. 


Fear of neglected

These people can’t live alone because they are always facing fear of being neglected. They thought that no one gives importance and value to them or no-one listens to them. So the only things that these people need are love and time. They must keep together and give love and care to them.

Unstable Relationships

Those people who are affected by borderline personality disorder do not have a healthy relationship because their views about other people change so fastly. Relationships like friendship, marriage, etc of these types of people are not successful. Because their ideology is being changed in minimum time. So they are not able to keep their relationships healthy and successful.

Unstable self-image

These people do not have their own image. They feel guilty and feel ashamed and sorry after doing something. Their self-image is affected so badly and due to this their goals and friends, etc changes within a short period of time. Visit ocd therapist near me for counselling.

Persistent Feelings

These types of people do not have happy feelings. They always feel sad, bored and they are not comfortable or they become feeling less. Then they do not feel happiness, sadness, etc. And they feel a burden.

Rapid mood changes

People who are affected by borderline personality disorder have many mood swings and their mood changes rapidly. And these moods include anger, sadness, hate, love, and all other feelings. They have mood swings for instance.

Dangerous behavior

Behavior of these types of people is so dangerous. They sometimes use abusive language, they do blind fighting, gambling, betting, etc and harm themselves.

Anger management issue

They are always full of anger. They are not able to control their anger. So, They have an uncontrollable type of anger. Throws things, beats someone, etc. And they could not control their anger. They don’t even know what they are doing in anger.

Temporary paranoid thoughts

So many weird, bad and negative thoughts come to their minds. And all these thoughts are temporary. They create their own negative thoughts and imaginations in their minds. And due to this they become sad. 

These all symptoms are found in borderline personality disorder and sometimes they are not necessary that it is confirmed that it is BPD, it could be something else. In case of not recovery, go to adhd clinic near me for treatment.


Some of the causes of borderline personality disorder are mentioned below. 

Childhood abuse

Mostly the cause of borderline personality disorder in many people is that in childhood they had faced any emotional, sexual, physical, etc abuse. Or sometimes it is also caused by the separation of parents. Or something else.


It is also studied that borderline personality disorder runs in a family like parents to offspring. In family If already someone is affected by BPD then there are 95% chances that any other child may get affected by this personality disorder.

Brain changes

Part of the brain which controls emotions or controls behavior is not properly connected and it does not function properly. So due to this borderline personality disorder is also caused.

Who is at risk of borderline personality disorder?

If you see these symptoms in any person of your family or these symptoms are increasing so rapidly in that person then that person is at risk of BPD. So due to this if you face any abuse, and these types of feelings are started within you, which are symptoms of this disorder then you are at risk. You should alert yourself immediately and if you face this type of situation then immediately go to a doctor and consult with him. And if any other person is affected by borderline personality disorder then take him to the doctor. And if possible then first use natural remedies and if there is no improvement and these symptoms are increasing by natural remedies then without wasting time visit a doctor and take a proper treatment.


We have highlighted all points on symptoms and causes of borderline personality disorder. If you find any symptoms in you then you should not waste time and go to a psychiatrist or specialist to get proper treatment. Because mental health is very important for all. Many people in asia ignore mental health but it should not be ignore. In case of any confusion you can ask your question in comment section. To get better treatment call at 440-630-9426.


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