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Benefits of swimming lifeguard certification in children

Initiating our children in the practice of a sport is a goal that all parents pursue. But choosing that sport is often a matter...

This is how you train your muscles and condition with job swimming

Swimming is good for your condition and your muscles. In this blog we tell you everything about how to train your muscles with swimming,...

What are the benefits of swimming for women? with lifeguard class

A body in water can be exercised many times more by swimming than by walking or aerobics. And the range of water exercises that...

Voila! A 5 week training schedule for novice swimmers

Swimming requires technique, which means that many people don't get further than a few strokes before they hang out panting again. Michael Phelps also...

Swimming six health benefits for you in daily life

Swimming Swimming is more than a fun activity. It is excellent for bothyour physical and mental health. The benefits extend far beyondjust improving your fitness....

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