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The 5 Essential Elements of every marketing story.

Do you know what are those two things that stay in our memory for a long time?

Well, it is either a catchy song that hears somewhere or an interesting story that you hear or read. A human brain is an amazing thing and it can easily connect itself with whatever interesting thing your ears encounter.

This trick of making stories and engaging people is an old marketing technique. But the fact that it is still effective people use it to increase their brand value and presence in the business market.

All the brands that you see and encounter like a brand selling nighty dresses for bridals use some back story to humanize their message to the audience.

All the brands that are currently available use a man-made marketing story to show their presence and engage customers through it. When you present a crispy and full of a suspense story to people, they show interest in it even if they are not interested.

It is a human psyche and all the markers use this technique to appeal to their audience.

Do you know why a marketing story is essential?

Well, the idea of having a strong marketing story revolves around customers’ attention and enlightening. If you are a successful storyteller it means you are going to make the best out of your business.

Importance of marketing story

Marketing stories make your brand more valuable and interesting. If you have nothing to present on your plate, people forget like you never existed.

On the other hand, if you have a persuasive story with a hero, suspense, and thrill people resists skipping. So, for this purpose, all the brands like the one selling lingerie for women also need a marketing story to get invaluable attention from their customers.

For a strong and memorable story, you require these 5 essential elements in it

1.    A hero

A story without a hero is like a piece of paper floating in the air. It has no plot and no shareable content in it. To make your marketing story readable and loveable a hero is required.

Create a story that revolves around a hero and it is not necessarily your business. It could be a simple thing or a complex professional monster. You can choose according to your choice.

Most people make this huge mistake where they make their business a hero and eventually their story loses attention.

If you want to win as a brand you should make your audience a hero to win their hearts and increase their interest in your brand.

2.    Create a goal

All successful marketing stories are based on a certain goal. The goal is an essential element of a story because without your story leads nowhere.

All the good brands address their goals to the audience and then follow steps to achieve it. While creating goals make sure that they are relevant and achievable.

If your goals are connected to the audience somehow, you receive more recognition from customers as they can relate to it.

For successful marketing, the story makes sure that you are clear with your business idea and its outcome.

3.    Conflict or an obstacle

A story without suspense and conflict is invaluable. People are always interested in knowing your hero’s capability and you can only show it in the form of an obstacle that comes in their way.

The same is the case with marketing stories and they also require something that intrigues the customers. For this purpose, all the good brands add an obstacle or a conflict in their story to make it more compelling.

When you add an obstacle it incorporates an interest in readers or listeners and they expect something from you to show how your hero will react to it.

4.    You need a mentor

Marketing stories are very much like novel stories where a mentor helps the hero to attain his or her goal. So, like every other story, you have to add a mentor in your marketing story like a product you want to sell or a side tool that can help your customers use the actual product.

The story plot always gets interesting when there is a mentor present to equip your hero fully. For engaging marketing, a story keeps a gap between your hero and obstacle and lets your mentor help in full-filling the gap.

5.    Happy ending

A marketing story without a happy ending is like a boo. So, a happy ending is a must and you should never neglect this element no matter how interesting is rest of your story.

For a marketing story, a customer is always the hero. As a reader your customers expect a positive outcome to relieve the stress they go through during the journey.

When you add a happy ending to your marketing story it strengthens your bond with customers and they consider your brand as an overall good vibe.


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