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The benefits of giving custom company keychains

Beyond their practical function, custom keychains can become the perfect gift to make our brand be remembered in a very positive way.

At VOGRACE, we know that a custom advertising gift is a practical as well as effective detail, with which it is possible to win over customers, collaborators, suppliers and teams, while multiplying the visibility of the brand.

One of the advantages of custom keychain that can be made with Photoshop, which allows creativity and make original gifts, for example in the case of business gifts, they can be made on both sides, on one side the logo and on the other the drawing a product or company name, or something more custom like the company name on one side and the person’s name or the first letter of their name on the other side, it’s just about being creative.

For this reason, in our catalog of custom gifts with keyrings we incorporate a multitude of models made with different materials, in different shapes and colors, so that each company can find the one that best suits its brand image and create its custom company keyrings with your logo, messages or corporate image, to taste!

Promotional keychains: How can they help you in the visibility of your brand?

Pay attention. How many times have you bought a keychain? Almost certainly the answer will be “few” or “none”, because the reality is that key rings are mostly gift items. In fact, if you take a look at your keys right now, you will surely find souvenir keyrings, promotional keyrings, custom keyrings, advertising keyrings, business keyrings, corporate keyrings… In short, keyrings with which at some point someone (very probably a brand) gave you.

However, key rings are one of the everyday objects that we handle most often during the day: to enter the house, the office, the car, the garage… For this reason, give your customers a custom key ring with your logo, brand, image, message or even your contact information, it is an easy, effective and very profitable way to gain visibility and retain your customers and teams (As we always say: we all like to receive a gift, right? ?).

Now think of all the times you pick up the keys (with their respective keychain) throughout a day. Now multiply that number by the 365 days of the year. The result is the times that your brand could be having a positive impact on the memory of your consumers if you launch a campaign of custom company keychains with your logo or corporate image.

What is the best time to offer corporate keychains to your customers or employees?

We know. The best time to give a gift is the least expected, because the illusion of receiving a gift is compounded by the surprise of someone who does not imagine anything. However, there are special moments when giving a gift takes on great meaning.

If you are thinking of giving custom company keychains to your clients or employees, we recommend some moments in which you will achieve a greater impact:

  • Company events. Take advantage of the celebration of a corporate event (such as a fair, a show or a presentation) to give attendees a custom keychain.
  • Special dates. Anniversaries, contract signings, Christmas and other important dates on the calendar may be the ideal time to show your gratitude to your clients, collaborators, suppliers and teams by surprising them with a corporate keychain.

Giving your employees a corporate gift such as a custom company keychain is a fantastic idea to strengthen ties and enhance the feeling of belonging in the company; while giving gifts to your clients and collaborators allows you to show your gratitude and thank them for their trust in an effective and very original way.

In addition, it is a product that is easily adapted to the needs of each company, so that we can also easily find cheap advertising keychain options that we can customize for our gifts.

Keychains the best promotional and advertising gifts

Keychains are a classic within the range of custom gifts, as they have the advantage that they can come in all sizes, colors and textures, making it easy to give yourself for anything or with any added design or image, for example you can include someone’s photo, a logo or the name of a person or a company, among many other options.

Other advantages of key rings is that we do not necessarily have to think about spending large amounts of money when we are going to give a key ring since they are quite cheap advertising gifts and can be given from the simplest to some more elaborate ones that could cost a little more. of money but that in the end up being cheap advertising gifts.

Another advantage is that the keyrings are simple in design since they only need to have a ring to add a special element to it as a keyring, but you can be creative and not only think of the common round or square keyring but you can add other objects such as whistles, laser pointers, openers, pens, among others.

The best ideas for custom keychains

At VOGRACE, we have a wide range of customizable keychains that includes acrylic, metal, imitation leather models; round, square, oval, rectangular; with shapes; of colors; keychains with car coins.

In addition, thanks to our patented C-25 machine and the DIY – VOGRACE system, you can personalize your corporate keyrings yourself and create company keyrings, with your brand image, your slogan, a special message or a photograph, keyrings with a company logo, company you choose the best ideas for keychains!

You will only need to follow 3 simple steps and forget about looking for where to make custom keychains:

  • Print your design on a sheet of paper
  • Cut with our cutting accessories
  • Assemble your keyrings with our C-25 machine

Keychains are today the perfect gift because they are original gifts as well as being promotional gifts and above all cheap advertising gifts that with a unique and special design, will be to everyone’s taste. Discover all the available options and start designing your custom company keychains


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