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The Best Cheese Types for Delicious Pizza’s In 2022

All topped pizza when we come across one: melty, softly browned. And with just enough stretch for slobber, cheese pulls shot. While many butter pizza fans know traditional cheese toppings such as mozzarella. Few are familiar with the choices such as ricotta or mixed cheese mixes. Hamilton Pizza is an Italian classic and has evolved into one of the world’s. Most cherished and popular cuisines, from crunchy dough to sweet or savory tomato sauce.


For pizza fans, Cheddar is an underappreciated cheese option. However, as good as Cheddar is, we would not recommend using it entirely as a topping. Compared to the gold standard, mozzarella, Cheddar does not tolerate high heat well, and heating can enable. The fats to escape from the particles. This is especially true with older cheddars.

If you’d like to add Cheddar onto your pizza simply. We suggest starting with a baseline of mozzarella but then just topping with your preferred Cheddar. If paired with a meltier cheese, Cheddar’s rich and frequently tangy flavor may be a terrific complement to pizza.

Cheddar cheese is a popular favorite for anything from pizza to pasta and cheese. Thanks to its transparent yellow color and intense and lively flavor. According to Fine Frying, Cheddar is a favorite cooking cheese. Because it melts into a smooth and velvety consistency without sacrificing flavor. Because the sharpness of Cheddar varies, it is critical to be mindful of the precise Cheddar you are consuming.

However, if you want to keep the front and center of the taste, the crisper, the better. Please bear in mind that additional cheddar cheese has so little liquid than typical Cheddar that it may melt differently in the oven. Everywhere from pepperoni to jalapeno works well as a topping. Cheddar is America’s favorite snack cheese, so it stands to reason that it will work well on pizza. And choosing a mature, extra mature, or vintage choice will add a lot more robust flavor.


Wisconsin cheesemakers produce roughly 1 billion British pounds of mozzarella each year. What happens to it all? Well, a large portion will be use to top pizzas across the country. But first, consider what makes mozzarella so fantastic as a pizza topping. It all boils down to just a few things.

For starters, mozzarella has excellent melting and stretching characteristics. It contains just enough water to brown and bubble while baking the pizza. In terms of flavor, mozzarella is ideally creamy and mild yet retains enough creaminess to stand out. Essentially, mozzarella is a perfect basis for every pizza.

This soft, white cheese is well-known for its creamy flavor. And stringy texture giving it one of the most excellent melting cheeses.

In addition to being a complete protein, mozzarella has less salt than many other kinds of cheese (via Eating Well). Whether making a classic Margherita pizza or a regular cheese pie, provolone is an excellent base that can be left only or layer with various kinds of cheese and toppings.


Meet our list’s wild card. Ricotta is a delicate, creamy cheese that is delicious as just a pizza topping. You may eat it as a standalone topping or combine it 1:1 with another cheese, such as mozzarella.

While ricotta remains a pizza sauce underdog, it is gaining popularity. Try a taste, and you’ll see why. Try covering one of your pizzas with ricotta the next time you throw a pizza party. You’ll be the friend who exposed every person to a band before they became famous.

Ricotta is a creamy, mellow cheese that pairs well with gooey mozzarella. It’s terrific spread on a white pizza-like sauce, but it’s also fantastic. Dollope on a tomato sauce-based pizza for unexpect pockets of creaminess. Cotta is a puffy and creamy cheese that contrasts a pizza’s texture and taste character. Ricotta cheese, according to, is lower in fat than other cheeses and a good source of protein. Regarding pizza toppings, ricotta works best on Bianca pizza (white pizza). And on topping other cheeses like mozzarella, Cheddar, or fontina.


When creating pizza, we like to combine provolone and mozzarella. In other words, if mozzarella is Batman, provolone is Robin. Provolone is a tractor-trailer cheese that becomes increasingly sharp as it ages.

It’s a lot drier cheese than mozzarella, and while it may still be use as a standalone cheese topping, we prefer it when paire with mozzarella. Starting with equal measures of mozzarella and provolone, we encourage experimenting from there.


Gouda is just a Dutch yogurt with a distinct flavor, texture, and aroma according to how long it has matured. The older kind is preferable when preparing pizza using Gouda cheese because of its richer flavor. Young Gouda cheese may be pretty light. So if you desire a richer flavor in your pizza, choose an older Gouda.

Burrata is a relatively recent cheese invent in the twentieth century and is unquestionably one of its most delicious and unique cheeses. Though it has a similar appearance to mozzarella. The center of burrata is exceptionally creamy, with delicious curds that melt in your mouth. Burrata cheese is typically place in the center of a pizza and then left whole, allowing the creamy insides to flow out over the remaining slices once cut.

Burrata has a texture similar to ricotta and may be use on white and traditional red sauce pizza (via Well Plated). If you like more beef or protein. Is a good alternative because it is very salty and adds excellent flavor.

The goat cheese

Goat’s milk offers more significant quantities of antioxidant A, b – vitamins, and even calcium, as well as fewer calories. Most significantly, goat’s milk is more straightforward to digest than regular milk, providing. It a more appealing alternative for lactose intolerant people.

Because goat farms are often smaller and more humane, feta cheese is an excellent choice for animal rights activists concerned about fair agricultural procedures and animal care.


A few of the most fantastic pizza cheeses end! They each have something to offer, whether you stick to super-authentic selections like toma or mix it up with regular old Cheddar.

Why not try both if you’re unsure which is best for you? You’ll undoubtedly discover something that suits both you and your pizza. And you’ll have a great time doing it!


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