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To clear Online exam – strategies for college students 

Exam time is here! Many colleges have already commenced the mid-semester examinations and the tensions are high.  Many students are gravitating towards exam help online. Such a situation has risen because students need to know strategies for passing their exams.  

Here, we have a list of some tips which we think can help you during exam time! 

Do NOT BURN the midnight oil 

Yes. We know. You must be thinking, “how is this possible? We have exams and they are asking us NOT TO STUDY THAT HARD?”  

To that notion, we will say- relax. Nobody is telling you not to study hard. There is a difference between studying hard and burning the midnight oil. It is a healthy practice to push yourself hard enough to get your dream grades. However, pushing too hard can result in burnout. Burnout can kill your capability and competence; this in turn can kill your productivity in the longer run.  

Moreover, the human body needs sleep. A good rest is essential for our body and our mind to work properly. Scientific evidence suggests that a lack of good sleep can lower our body’s functional capability. Moreover, it can harm the brain’s retention power. Therefore, lack of sleep is not going to fix problems, it’s going to accentuate them.                     

Make notes 

One of the best methods to study is to make short notes. Now, you might think how can small one-liners work when one has to memorize long passages? However, it’s more than just memorizing that counts in exams.  

One’s goal in the exam is to understand the concept. If you understand the concept properly, then you can write numerous pages about it. We would love to give a seemingly unrelated example, but it can count. Hollywood actor Matthew McCaughey was cast as a depressed police detective in the critically acclaimed show True Detective. One of the most memorable parts of the show was when Matthew’s character delivered many iconic, awfully long monologues.  

Matthew describes his process of memorizing the monologues somewhat like the following: He would try to memorize it whole, then he would break down the monologue systematically and get behind its actual meaning. Then, according to the breakdown, he would condense the monologue into a few lines, and subsequently those lines into a single world. What it resulted in was that a single word could trigger a whole train of thought for him while he was acting. This way, he could say the entire monologue without fumbling. Moreover, he could also convey the meaning more deftly. All this became possible because he taught himself the meaning; aka the concept of what he was expected to memorize.  

You can apply a similar approach to memorize your study material. The process is relatively simple: breakdown complex concepts into simple ideas. Once you get to the bottom of the idea, you can expand upon the concept endlessly.            

Take breaks in between 

We have already discussed the importance of sleep. Lack of sleep can deplete the overall competency of the body and the mind. Lack of normal rest can also do the same. There is no glory or great reward in overworking yourself in the name of success. Because success will become difficult to attain anyways if your body does not get adequate rest.  

Short and meaningful breaks are necessary when you are studying. You can try the famous Pomodoro technique. 

Pomodoro is a time management technique that is very simple in principle. You just have to work continuously for 20-25 minutes with a 3-5 minutes break in between.  

The Pomodoro method is known to increase productivity while avoiding mental exhaustion. You can also try different variations of the classic Pomodoro. You can extend the study time to around 1 hour and take a 15-minute break.  

In any case, you should remember that taking breaks is an important part of studying properly.       

Manage group study sessions 

Group study sessions are effective. Firstly, they can be a more productive way to spend time with your friends. Secondly, group studies can widen your perspective. For example, there might be some aspects of a topic that you have a clear understanding of but your friend does not. Similarly, your friend might have a certain understanding that you lack. Therefore, group study sessions can bring out different points of view and thoughts on the same topic. These differing perspectives can deepen your understanding.  

Thirdly, group study sessions can invoke team-building skills. Lastly, it can also introduce a sense of healthy competition that can help you all succeed.      

Get Exam Help  

If you find yourself running out of options, you can take exam help online. There are many companies that provide students with such services.  

These websites not only provide online college homework help services but also provide exam help online. These services usually come in the form of live sessions, video solutions services, etc.  

These exams help online services provide you with guidance. They guide you through the planning and preparation of exams and also tell you how to deal with exam stress properly. Some of the trusted companies that provide exam help online are TutorBin, Chegg, Edubirdie, and Bartleby.  

Hence, these are some tips that can help you in your examination time. Remember to relax and not get too worked up. We all know that you will take care of the rest. 

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